B-day with a splash of margarita! for Yen2


Since i just started this blog. Let me take you back to the past. The pictures your seeing right now are taken from the most candid moments in my life. Syempre, with my friends na naman. The pictures here are the same pictures in my Friendster account. Mas elaborated lng ang event dito.hehe

This pictures were taken last October 20, 2007. It was a post b-day celebration for YEN2 (the girl in pink). The guest list includes MASTER JUVY, BOSSING xtian, Lady V., AdZ, Joy, and Mitch. We had a sumptuous dinner at GARDENIA FRESCA where they serve the most appetizing Adobong tahong . It was a great night followed by some wild adventure at GmIK bar, Laugh Tough (venue) and the well loved drinking place C5.

The morning of October 21. We woke up sober but poor. (joke) It was worth it anywayz. We all had a great time with the red horse, margarita, adobong tahong and for all its worth the ALA POBRE.heheheh

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