strings on the shed

I am just so proud of this group. Its composed of some of Davao's best talents. From the music to the lyrics to the voice. They offer the most calming and serenading sound you'll ever hear. This group is named STRINGS ON THE SHED. They perform with such ease and aura far more better than all the acoustic group I know.

I personally came across some of their members (schoolmates ko! Like TR, Jobo, ray, RAffy...hehehe) and its great to see them bloom at their chosen craft. TR (CHESKA) the girl on lead vocals is one of the finalist of GMA7 coca-cola ride to fame. In fact in my personal opinion she has the best voice in the competition.

Catch them on their gigs and live performances. You'll surely never have enough of them.

Support Davao Talents. We have everything at its best and in the field of music STRINGS ON the SHED is there to validate the claim.

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