lets count our blessings-- lets share

Last year, December 2006, we (xmpre with juvy, xtian,yen) started this Christmas party for the “Isla Verde kids”. We invited kids residing at Isla Verde with ages ranging from 4-7. We had very few resources at that time considering we were jobless and still dependent with the financial support from our parents. Most of our give aways were donations from RODY PROJECT SEASON 2 finalist (vantoy, Kuya Veejay, Tine2, etc.), Karla, Aljo, Mady, Cristy, Cafe family and from our own pockets(thank you guys!).

This year we are planning to do it again. For the Isla Verde kids christmas is not that important and so we wish to remind them again that this is a season for joy and giving.

We would like to ask for your support in this project. Please leave a comment in this blog if you have something to share. We need toys, candies, old clothes, school supplies and even financial support. Lets thank the Lord for our blessings and share them.

Let us always remember our responsibility to our community and our fellowmen.

Lets count our blessings.

Thank you very much.


Mitchell C. Espina said...

uy adz, I can provide candies (wiggles perhaps will do) for the kids and RH for the adults. hehe.


aDz said...

red horse jud?... pwede red horse nlng tanan?hahahah

donation nimo ha...!