must love DOGS

They are master juvys dogs. They are (I'm not sure who they are but let me try.) Kira and Fe shi. To tell you all the history of Must love dogs blog. Let me tell you that we all love pets except for yen2. The following are some of our pets.

Master kokong- 2 snakes (kid at yung isa pa), 2 iguana and around 10 dogs raging from the smallest to one of the biggest breed. Actually he doesn't own them all. Being a pet lover just runs on their veins

Adz- Doves (over 50 and still counting), 3 dogs (ai-ai, blackjack, and the late ANIKAN), a cat named MOY-moy.

Juvy- (the main cast) she has a total of 5 dogs namely Fe shi, chi-chi, kira, san cai, Ye sha, Pacman and one rabbit.

This are some facts about dogs:

  • Smallest breed is chihuahua

  • largest breed is St. Bernard

  • Total of 321 bones and 42 permanent teeth

  • Female dogs experience season of heat twice a year for 12-16 day where they are ready to mate.

  • Small dogs have 12 or more years life span.

  • Bigger dogs have lesser life span compared to small dogs.

This is Anne . She lives at the Northwest Correctional Center. Anne is a blood hound and is trained in man tracking. She is not only used to track escaped prisoners, but lost children as well.

Lets learn from this child. We MUST LOVE DOGS.

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