Saying goodbye to old habits

A few months ago we (including my friends) were so annoyed with our life. It was one of the worst parts in our gloomy but hip existence. We've been friends for so long now that I think is the reason why we experience severe happiness and depression at the same time. Our intertwined fate is to blame for all this.

Let me give you a very brief summary why this manic depression came to us. All of a sudden, a few months back, we all received a call from the companies we applied for ( just 2 or 3 days interval). We all got in and started working for a job we don't really like. Weeks after getting into our new world, we all agreed that our job's a joke. It has no clear cut job description, it was not paying well, it was not fulfilling, that we just don't belong to the job...etc, etc, etc. Everyone made lousy excuses why we should not keep our jobs. To add injury to our crazy state of mind, a friend broke up with her long time BF, the other friend stopped going to school...etc...

It may sound a cliché but in the worst part of your life you will see who your true friends are. True enough we all stayed together, a flock of overly depressed young adults. We often go out together to visit a world of our own. Almost every after our 8 hours work day we meet at our sacred sanctuary “C5”. Its our haven, a place of freedom and solitude. It is where we see beer as water, cigar as air and where find pleasure in the most uncommon way.

AS I look back to that part of my life I'm glad it all happened. I'm even happier because I found a way out of that bad fate. I'm pleased to say that during that crisis some good people came to tag along and be a part of the roller coaster adventure. I'm even thankful for the simple fact that I was able to share this experience with some of the people that matters most to me.

At this point I'm saying goodbye to the old me, no more beer and night outs. If my friends would make an entry about this experience I'm sure they will do the same (atik lng bitaw oi... dli btaw ko xure). BAGONG BUHAY!!!!

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Anonymous said...

happy new year!!!klaro jud n ginbasa nk imo blog...hehehe.adz ang comment na ni para jud sa tindera sa agdao..ka ni lng mn gud ang mabutangan..hehehe..cge lng adz ad2 ta didto sunod unya full attire jud ta kanang pangdatu..hehe..sbihin mo kaagad kng magkano xa..weeeeeeeeeeee..managan daun ta pghuman..wahaha