Dec. 28, 2007--- a night at BASTI'S BREW

I was to write about my 525600 ( five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred) minutes of 2007 when the event of last night came up to me. Yes..! I went out last night with Yen2, xtian and Juvy... again. You can't take that away from us, we stay together for better or for worst.

Yen-yen received her second salary early yesterday and last night was her treat. We had a sumptuous eat all you can (and we literally ate all we can) at GREENHILLS. Next stop was BASTI'S BREW.

This is where the blogging begins. Even if we've been friends for almost half of our lives now, we still sometimes (oftentimes most of the time) don't agree on some things. The night at Basti was not an exemption. Yen-yen opened up on her sentiments regarding some very personal deli ma (amin na lang yun!). Putting on mind the golden rule of our friendship "storya lang wlay boutay" (don't ask me to translate... please!) we decided to just zip it--- we can't take it nga lang...heheheh I eventually blurted out "THINGS WILL CHANGE EVENTUALLY, WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT". Syempre nag-oppose ang nasa hot seat and I just told her... Remember this night at Basti's. Kaya a night to remember tittle nito.


Christian and Juvy-- thankz

The gift from christian and juvy. A box of Dj Mix Cigar green apple flavor, Cigar Lighter and cologne from Scent station. It was an unexpected gift and I'm beginning to like surprises.hahahahah Yen-yen received a similar gift except for some specifics. Her cologne has this feminine scent and her lighter is pink or red (whatever!) with crystals on the side.
I am posting this entry to thank Christian and Juvy (check my previous entry), sobrang touch po kami. ( I don't mind additional gifts...hehehehhe)

I still don't have gifts for them (Christian, Juvy and Yen) and I want it to be a personalized gift, something special. I'm really not good in choosing gifts, if it were a college subject I'm sure i'd flunk on it. So anyone out there who could share their brilliant ideas please help me out on this one.

"This picture was taken a day after I received the Gift. I went home at 2 in the morning a little drunk from our drinking session, got in the office at 8:47am (yeap! i was late..) took this shot, wrote this entry, saved it, and posted it a day after. If the grammar and spelling is a little off please pardon me... you might hate my entries after reading this one because of the ENGLISH MURDER. Pwede mag sorry? kasalanan ng redhorse and stress."


ang tindera sa AGDAO

Pardon me.... pina init nang lola mo ang ulo ko...

We usually don't prepare for Christmas kasi nga may Islam family members kami. This year our family made an exemption. Basically because ang Girlfriend ng kuya ko flew all the way from Baguio to spend the holidays with us ( how sweet is that?). So there it was we were set to prepare for our festive Christmas diner. We decided na gawing theme ng diner is SEAFOOD. (bihira kasi nyan sa Baguio...hehehehe)

Palengke blues ang tatay ko at ako at 2pm. Since hati-hati ang gastos, ganon din ang pagluto ng kanya-kanyang specialty. Ako ang nka tuka na mag-luto ng Tahong in two different variety (adobong tahong in garlic and oyster sauce at ang panlaban kong tahong with tuna and mayo filling). Si papa ang sa Sugpo at si mama naman ang sa Crabs. My kuyang ang GF nya ay mayroon din chicken in bell pepper at desserts.

Aba at habang nasa isang wet market kami (Agdao public market... to be specific) syempre naman po at naghahanap ng mura ang tatay at ako. Nag ask lang si papa kung meron ba daw CRABS habang siya ay namimili ng sugpo natataran ta ba ang vendor, shock ang reaction namin. Pabirong sabi ni papa “na kulbaan man pud ta nimo... relax lang” ang punyeta can't take a joke.... paskong-pasko inaway kami... kasi ng nag-ask kami magkano ang CRABS ang sagot ba naman ng gaga “ ayaw na lang pangutana kay basig atakihon ka!” sabay taas ng kilay at pout... Biglang uminit ulo ni amang at nag walk-out. Hindi na bumili ng ni isang sugpo kahit anong pagpapakababa ng isang kasama ng gaga. Sama ako sa pag-alis ni daddy at sabay sabi sa tindera--- “miss we can afford to buy your crabs and sugpo, pwede ka nga naming bilhin at sunugin...!”

I know I should have not made that comment... sorry... nakakahiya... Ayoko lang kasi ng mga taong namimili ng customer. E ano ngayon kung nka tsinelas lang kami ng spartan at nka pangbahay lang. Respect is earned, wala yan sa suot at pananamit o itsura...

maldito ko noh? Sagdi lang....hehehehe naglagot lang jud ko kaya nko gi blog....

ang tsinelas

Just today my friends reminded me to prepare for the reach out project we were planning to have this December 30, 2007. I was looking for a theme to go with it, when suddenly an office mate gave a very nice idea.

Tsinelas is the theme for this year. So guys if you have tsinelas na pwedeng e.offer please do contact me. I pamimigay namin sa mga batang Isla verde.

Thank you for your support.

the second part...

Here is the second part of my blog entry about the Christmas party. If napapansin ninyo, sa lahat ng pictures present po si troy. Enjoy lang kau. Kakapagod mag sulat so picture na lang po muna okay?

The shy girl from mangagoy.... desiree

sorry look from jenny...

Madz (in grey), Jonathan (in green) and adrian tan
bobie, paul, mhaya and troy
Troy, shula, allan and ray

ray was a part of the controvesial hiyas ng kadayawan 2006.... trivia....

jomart, shadow, karla, desiree and troy

Karla, tere, troy, shula and allan

jonathan, ray, madz, master, shula, troy, me and karla.

zennah... the warrior princess


blessing? or joke?

Is this a joke?... somebody please tell me.....

I went home late last night and came in early to finish my report.... PRESURE at its peak for the MANCOM. Yesterday I was told it will be at 6pm. Deadlines was set for us to submit our reports to the IT in preparation for the much anticipated MANCOM.

This was supposed to be my first Management Committee Meeting for JIB e-Academy and I'm so damn nervous I can pee at my pants while I get ready for my report. I don't really have fears on reporting, I just dread the question and answer portion where I have to justify expenses and income of the previous months (June to October of 2007)...
At around 4pm the announcement came, to shake the grounds of of JIB e-Academy. Cancel ang MANCOM. Amazing noh?

It was somewhat a blessing but somewhat a joke...heheheheh

kulbaan ang choi oi!


the party

I am really not good in writing and my words might not be enough to express what happened during the Christmas party. Everyone had fun and majority were drunk. It was one hell of a party. So let the pictures tell the story.

As usual... late po uli silang lahat...
The venue: Forest Hill
The Date: December 15, 2007
The Event: The Christmas Party

Paul in Action... Unsa na imong gi sugba Paul? BAka?

I'm the Manager...
I'm the Owner...
They are the cook...
in deed cooking is best when done with passion and love.

EAT up guyzzz. You need all the energy you can get. We still have our drinking session and swimming trip.. up next.

Tiraha jud si JENNY!!!!

RELAX after the hab-hab.! picture-picture and update time....

If I will share the whole story in one entry only it would be a very long one. So I would rather cut it in to 4 entries. More thrilling photos to come... see you...

the piattos scandal

Dahil nde kau nag.ask kung kaninong piattos ito.... hala, dapat gawan kau ng scandal... THE PIATTOS scandal. Next time mgtanong muna bago kumain ok?...hehehehe at dahil may isa pang kasalo sa piattos scandal na walang litrato let me name her... she is JENNY...hahahahaha
Babala... ang piattos na ito AY nde sa akin. Nakita lng yan sa ibabaw ng table. WAG KAININ.!
1. wag kumain nlng ng basta-basta.
2. magtanong.
3. mangdamay ng iba pag na scandal na.
4. wag mag iwan ng litrato para di ma blog.


adz magikero

Michael Mejia ( kapatid ni berto) taught me some very nice and easy card tricks... Thankz coach for the patience and for understanding my poor comprehension during the magic tricks learning session. He taught me 2 card tricks and a variation of the old trick I learned from bosing Xtian.

Now I'm ready to amaze people with my new found skill.hahahhaha watch out.!!!!

Happy bday mama..

December 16,2007

Mama is now 57!




the way red horse should be

This is the way red horse should be. Big and grand.

Alexandra Nicole

As promised... I am posting the picture of Ma'am Nanette's baby. She is Alexandra Nicole and she is our new gang member. Thanks to BERt for this cute picture and for letting me use their computer to compose this entry.

Troy has come

While were busy in our cooking... GREAT MASTER troy arrived. Just wanna post this entry to emphasize that troy helped in the preparation.

The preparation...FOR xmass party



The preparation for our ASAi Christmas party is on. It started with a very long palengke session of JENNY and BERT. I received a text message from KARLA (the eventologist… murag si tim yap) that they needed help in the cooking. After my work I immediately went to Bert’s house to help out in the kitchen. And while waiting for the chicken to get ready, I am writing this entry.

Side line muna! Michael, the younger brother of BERT, showed us some magic tricks. I was impressed and I promised that I would take lessons form him. hahahah

I am expecting a very fun gathering ahead. Things might not come up the way we plan it to be but it will surely be a success

I will report on the results of the party the next time I update this blog.



Yesterday at around 4pm, I received a text message from my college teacher and friend Ms. Nanette informing me that she gave birth to her much anticipated baby girl. I immediately went to Davao Medical Center to see if her claim is true. “cute kaau akong baby adz”.

When I arrived at DMC I really didn't know where to find the delivery room. I started asking around for directions and thanks to Sir Guard I was led to the recovery area of DMC-Delivery room.

Then I saw the cutest little angel in the world ( I'm exaggerating...yeah) I know every baby is cute but this little angel is the most precious gift to my friend and to the world. A new life deserves a celebration (inoman na!). We named her ALEXANDRA NICOLE, Nicole for St. Nicholas (Sta. Claus) and we wanted her to have a boy sounding nickname so we added ALEXANDRA.

Next week I will be posting some pictures of ALEX in this blog.



The book was launched last November 29 at SM City Davao-- National bookstore. It was a gathering of MORO people (including me!) who wants to take part in the celebration. The book CHILDREN OF THE EVER CHANGING MOON is a compilation of essays written by Young MORO writers. Its a great compilation (one that I can relate to) that expresses my unique identity and of our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters. It was a proud day for everyone.

I for one, as a “mestizo muslim” (as they call it) can relate to some of the essays. “What's in the Name” in particular, the essay authored by Gonaranao B. Musor got me.
My dad, as someone of TAUSUG descent have this weird way of naming their children (or ang tatay ko lang talaga ang weirdo... ewan!) and my father was not an exemption. I was named ADELLON by birth. I was not interested in finding the meaning of my name not until I read the book. Since elementary up to last November 29, I was convinced that my name was taken from my dad's name ADILHAKMAN (yeah! believe it!) and the LON was added because of the AFSLAI (Armed Forces Saving whatever!) LOAN my father received when I was born. ADIL became ADEL and LOAN was then shortened to LON making up my first name ADELLON. Convinced of its origin I was not so proud of my name. It was like a summary of a very short story that goes “Si Adil nag-LOAN kasi pinanganak si ADELLON” (I know its funny stupid, blame my dad.)

After reading the book, I had a new realization. My name may have come from a not so good origin but it could possibly have a second meaning (not the UTANG meaning). With lots of hope and a little access to the internet, a little google, and there it was the hidden meaning of my name!!! ADEL stands for a PRINCE and LON, is LION, without the I, the king of the jungle. Yes! I am from a wealthy lineage not from an Utang.

Reading Gonaranao's essay made me a gallant bearer of my name. I now look at it in a different light.

The second installment entry will be posted after I read the book for the second time. Its a good book, I recommend that everyone should have a copy.