The book was launched last November 29 at SM City Davao-- National bookstore. It was a gathering of MORO people (including me!) who wants to take part in the celebration. The book CHILDREN OF THE EVER CHANGING MOON is a compilation of essays written by Young MORO writers. Its a great compilation (one that I can relate to) that expresses my unique identity and of our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters. It was a proud day for everyone.

I for one, as a “mestizo muslim” (as they call it) can relate to some of the essays. “What's in the Name” in particular, the essay authored by Gonaranao B. Musor got me.
My dad, as someone of TAUSUG descent have this weird way of naming their children (or ang tatay ko lang talaga ang weirdo... ewan!) and my father was not an exemption. I was named ADELLON by birth. I was not interested in finding the meaning of my name not until I read the book. Since elementary up to last November 29, I was convinced that my name was taken from my dad's name ADILHAKMAN (yeah! believe it!) and the LON was added because of the AFSLAI (Armed Forces Saving whatever!) LOAN my father received when I was born. ADIL became ADEL and LOAN was then shortened to LON making up my first name ADELLON. Convinced of its origin I was not so proud of my name. It was like a summary of a very short story that goes “Si Adil nag-LOAN kasi pinanganak si ADELLON” (I know its funny stupid, blame my dad.)

After reading the book, I had a new realization. My name may have come from a not so good origin but it could possibly have a second meaning (not the UTANG meaning). With lots of hope and a little access to the internet, a little google, and there it was the hidden meaning of my name!!! ADEL stands for a PRINCE and LON, is LION, without the I, the king of the jungle. Yes! I am from a wealthy lineage not from an Utang.

Reading Gonaranao's essay made me a gallant bearer of my name. I now look at it in a different light.

The second installment entry will be posted after I read the book for the second time. Its a good book, I recommend that everyone should have a copy.


GONAR said...

Hi Adz!

I chanced upon your comment while browsing the Internet regarding the essay I wrote for the "Children of the Ever-Changing Moon." I'm glad that I was able to make you see your name in different light now and be able to carry it proudly. Best of luck to you in all your endeavours!

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Gonar Musor

aDz said...

thankz gonar... im happy you were able to visit my humble blog site... hope to read more from you...