Christian and Juvy-- thankz

The gift from christian and juvy. A box of Dj Mix Cigar green apple flavor, Cigar Lighter and cologne from Scent station. It was an unexpected gift and I'm beginning to like surprises.hahahahah Yen-yen received a similar gift except for some specifics. Her cologne has this feminine scent and her lighter is pink or red (whatever!) with crystals on the side.
I am posting this entry to thank Christian and Juvy (check my previous entry), sobrang touch po kami. ( I don't mind additional gifts...hehehehhe)

I still don't have gifts for them (Christian, Juvy and Yen) and I want it to be a personalized gift, something special. I'm really not good in choosing gifts, if it were a college subject I'm sure i'd flunk on it. So anyone out there who could share their brilliant ideas please help me out on this one.

"This picture was taken a day after I received the Gift. I went home at 2 in the morning a little drunk from our drinking session, got in the office at 8:47am (yeap! i was late..) took this shot, wrote this entry, saved it, and posted it a day after. If the grammar and spelling is a little off please pardon me... you might hate my entries after reading this one because of the ENGLISH MURDER. Pwede mag sorry? kasalanan ng redhorse and stress."