Dec. 28, 2007--- a night at BASTI'S BREW

I was to write about my 525600 ( five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred) minutes of 2007 when the event of last night came up to me. Yes..! I went out last night with Yen2, xtian and Juvy... again. You can't take that away from us, we stay together for better or for worst.

Yen-yen received her second salary early yesterday and last night was her treat. We had a sumptuous eat all you can (and we literally ate all we can) at GREENHILLS. Next stop was BASTI'S BREW.

This is where the blogging begins. Even if we've been friends for almost half of our lives now, we still sometimes (oftentimes most of the time) don't agree on some things. The night at Basti was not an exemption. Yen-yen opened up on her sentiments regarding some very personal deli ma (amin na lang yun!). Putting on mind the golden rule of our friendship "storya lang wlay boutay" (don't ask me to translate... please!) we decided to just zip it--- we can't take it nga lang...heheheh I eventually blurted out "THINGS WILL CHANGE EVENTUALLY, WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT". Syempre nag-oppose ang nasa hot seat and I just told her... Remember this night at Basti's. Kaya a night to remember tittle nito.