blessing? or joke?

Is this a joke?... somebody please tell me.....

I went home late last night and came in early to finish my report.... PRESURE at its peak for the MANCOM. Yesterday I was told it will be at 6pm. Deadlines was set for us to submit our reports to the IT in preparation for the much anticipated MANCOM.

This was supposed to be my first Management Committee Meeting for JIB e-Academy and I'm so damn nervous I can pee at my pants while I get ready for my report. I don't really have fears on reporting, I just dread the question and answer portion where I have to justify expenses and income of the previous months (June to October of 2007)...
At around 4pm the announcement came, to shake the grounds of of JIB e-Academy. Cancel ang MANCOM. Amazing noh?

It was somewhat a blessing but somewhat a joke...heheheheh

kulbaan ang choi oi!