Yesterday at around 4pm, I received a text message from my college teacher and friend Ms. Nanette informing me that she gave birth to her much anticipated baby girl. I immediately went to Davao Medical Center to see if her claim is true. “cute kaau akong baby adz”.

When I arrived at DMC I really didn't know where to find the delivery room. I started asking around for directions and thanks to Sir Guard I was led to the recovery area of DMC-Delivery room.

Then I saw the cutest little angel in the world ( I'm exaggerating...yeah) I know every baby is cute but this little angel is the most precious gift to my friend and to the world. A new life deserves a celebration (inoman na!). We named her ALEXANDRA NICOLE, Nicole for St. Nicholas (Sta. Claus) and we wanted her to have a boy sounding nickname so we added ALEXANDRA.

Next week I will be posting some pictures of ALEX in this blog.

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