Grey's Anatomy

MEREDITH of Grey's Anatomy said:

There comes a point in your life, when you’re
officially an adult. Suddenly, you’re old enough to vote, drink and engage in
other adult activities. Suddenly, people expect you to be responsible, serious,
a grown-up. We get taller, we get older. But do we ever really grow


my friendster account

Can't find a good topic to write about. Just posting a preview of my friendster account...hahahah

my primary photo, my shout out and a link to this blog page.

my featured friends....

I'm on private profile to keep my self away from intruders. Made a clean up drive on my friendster account and deleted some people I don't want to see on my friends list (the feeling could be mutual so I'd better erase them in my list before they do.) If you want to be my friend just send me an e-mail through this blog or leave a message I'd be happy to add you up.


...galit ako

galit ako...
Araw na naman ng pag-aalsa


Call center

I work in a call center industry... Yep! to my batch mates and friends who's been bugging me for sometime now about my work.. YES I am working in a call center industry. A school for English Language proficiency and Call center training. We also have a call center here handling various accounts. Though I am working for the company in a different capacity, still I can attest to the lifestyle they have.

I am posting this entry for our agents... most of the people I know can relate to this song.

Call Center by Cambio

Now let’s get one thing straight
I don’t really want to work this place
But i get paid for my American accent
I got money to pay the rent

This only temporary
I’m not really in a hurry
A party on morning
Work all night
Get my honey and the broke daylight

I’ll be at the call center
Until something better
Comes along my way
It’s been a long long day
Hey, hey

Now let’s get one thing clear
I don't really want to be here
But they pay me for my perfect diction
I got money for my addictions

[repeat Refrain and Chorus]

Hey hey
The future is all bright
The future is alright
This is only temporary
I’m not really in a hurry
A party on morning
Work all night
Get my money when the sun shines

[repeat Chorus]
Hey hey

ruining samal view

Had this photo taken when we went Island Hopping few months back. I wans't able to bring a camera along with me so I had to take a picture of me wioth this great view on a low resolution camera. Look what happened... it ruined the view...hmp...

(nevertheless SAMAL is still a heaven for beach lovers like me.)


attitude ni betchay

I'm not a good illustrator.... just wanted to do something new. Hope you find this entry funny enough to make you laugh and inspiring enough to change your a life.

A friend sent me an inspirational text message.... It got me and so im posting it... Unfortunately I can't translate it to English... (di kaya nang powers!)

Ang Buhok

Lunes: Nagising si BETCHAY na tatlo na lang ang buhok niya...

Betchay: Di bale... iTITIRINTAS ko to.!
Bad attitude....!!!! Betchay's attitude...

TUESDAY: PAg gising ni betchay 2 (dalawa) na lang ang buhok niya...

Betchay: Ah...! hati sa gitna ang hairstyle ko.


Walang magawa kundi ang maging masaya....

Wednesday:Pag gising ni Betchay 1 (isa) na lang ang buhok niya.

Betchay: Ah...! ipopony tail ko ito.!

nagbabalak na magpakalbo nalang.......


LIFE depends on your ATTITUDE, carry yourself well and always think positively no matter how negative people think. Live each day day as if it is your last.


I admit...

In my past entries I wrote stuffs. Stuffs that might give you ideas about me and my life. I never intended to make my self appear good (i know I'm not!), its just that, recently all things are falling into the right place and I can't think of bad things to write about.

This time I think is the right time to know me better. I am giving you a glimpse of how bad I am and what catastrophe I can contribute this world. I admit, I never wanted to be bad, I even tried the stupid idea of being a good boy. But now I'd prefer to be myself. Hate me if you want to-- who knows the feeling could be mutual.

I admit...

I was once a very social being. Playing my cards just right. Tried to be friendly to every people I meet. I decided to change, I don't know why. Maybe because when One gets older (E.M.O.attack-- here it comes, I am admitting I am getting old), One gets to realize that you don't need people around you to be happy. 3 (pwede more or less) good and real friends, a family who loves you and supports you all the way is enough (at least for me--- let me add a job that pays well). “A friend to everybody is a friend to nobody” I say... Sounds negative, don't blame me.. Had my share and believe me it was a hell of experience and I mean it in the most negative way possible.

I admit...

When I get angry I get very “mangkukulam” at times. I don't wish for that person (the cause of my anger) to die immediately. I want him/her/them/it (whatever!) to suffer. I wish them bad luck in every aspect of their life and in all things. Now, I don't bother anymore, let them hate me. I admit, I curse and say awful things when I get mad. Maybe for an hour or two (a day as maximum). But after all the drama, thinking of them doesn't bother me anymore(sometime..).

Well.... I haven't yet got my point through but I am now so tired. Need to rest for a while. I might make the second part of this entry next Saturday. But for now... this is all what I have to offer.


Sorry.. wrong NUMBER

I started working for my present job late last year, November of 2007 to be exact. Uncertain of what awaits me, I decided to take the risk and opportunity as well. The position is new (never handled the responsibility ever...), the environment and the people around is also so foreign. It had been two months since I first got in to the office and most of the things are changing. Got rid of all the backlogs (almost) and everything seems to be coming my way. Got so used to the many unfamiliar routine except for this very annoying “constant” mistake that occurs averagely 8 times a day.

We have three telephone lines in the office and one phone is placed right beside me, the busiest phone in the office. What makes it busy? An irritating WRONG NUMBER from strangers who would not consider listening to my “*name of the company* Good morning/ Good afternoon” greeting. I always put emphasis on the COMPANY NAME but they never listen. Most of the time I get a response like “AIRCON taxi at Doña Luisa....(whatever!!!)”

HOLIDAY TAXI ba kami? The correct number of HOLIDAY TAXI is 300-71-71 (commercial ba ito?). Considering na iba maxado and No. namin from them, nakakatawang isipin na kami ang palaging tinatawagan. The next time you need a taxi please don't call us. Dial the correct number.

Thank you.


Rapunzel.... Rapunzel.... lay down your hair...

While browsing along FRIENDSTER.. I saw a very familiar face with a not so familiar hair.(hahahah) Yes... si Rapunzel nga ang may ari ng buhok na pina rebound nato...hahah

From the old wavy look to super straight and shiny..(astig!) She bowed never to let anyone touch her precious hair ever again...but lookie-lookie seems even miss perfect can't keep her promise (atleast anything with regards to her hair.) While every PINAY (generalizing...!) wants to have a perfectly straight hair, Rap2 is contented with her hair. It was not ugly anyway it was just wavy and according to her "hard to manage". HAir rebound or hair relax is a NO-NO for her (due to some bad experience in the past). But now... a change of mind and a new look for new year of 2008.


Rapunzel with the wavy hair.
The hair pose....

The new hair...

The smile, the face and the hair...

Whatever your hair style is or whatever crown you wear.. you would still be one of those very few people I admire... Very hard working, smart and humble friend... GOD bless RAP.. and you have changed your DESTINY (sunsilk commercial ba to? whatever)


Kitbita in pais mu;
bang masakit kaymu,
masakit da isab ha kaibanan mu.

Pinch your own skin;
if it is painful to you,
it is also painful when done to your fellows.

As I mentioned in my previous entry. I am a mestizo Tausug. My dad being a Tausug and my mother a devote catholic. I chanced upon a site discussing about tausug and things about it. Got the link, a proverb which I really like.

Read more about TAUSUG PEOPLE


...ayoko sa ulan

Puyat, galing sa gimik

Kailangang gumising, bawal manahimik

Opisina'y naghihintay, tambak ang trabaho

kailangan maligo, bawal mabaho

Late ng tatlong minuto

Kaltas sa mumunting sweldo

umaga pa lang badtrip na

umagang sira, may sasama pa ba.?

Hinihintay ang alas Singko y' medya

ala una pa gusto nang rumatsada

kakapagod ito...


Sa wakas... oras na para umuwi

Said na ang utak, gusto ng magmadali.

Pag "shut down" ng computer lilipad na

unan, kama at masarap na hapunan akin nang nadarama

Ulan... isang malakas na ulan

Walang jeep o kahit taxi man lang

lahat ng gustong gawin cancelado

kailangan pang maghintay hanggan tumila ito.

Alas syete na, nasa opisina pa ako.

Dahil lang lahat sa ulan na to.

Gutom, inaantok at walang maisip na matino.

Ngayon sabihin mo sinong may gusto ng ganito?

So tired and annoyed right now. Sobra...!!!!!!!

Like to thank Sol Dust Love and Bitprocessor for the photos.


Bucket List



A movie everyone should see. A story with a very touching, funny and heart-warming plot. BUCKET LIST is a story about a corporate billionaire (EDWARD) and a working class mechanic (CARTER) who are trying to do eveything they wanted to do in life before they kick the bucket.

Instead of finding fun and happiness, they found more than enough to fulfil what they have always wanted. A friendship and a life not so perfect but so right. They have not only completed their bucekt list but also thier purpose in life.

---Sometimes you just need a deadline to get your life in gear.---


New Year of 2008

What better way to spend New Year than to spend it with people dear to you.

This entry is a little late... 12 days late infact... (want to curse right now.) I didn't plan to write anything for New Year (obviously I did not) but since I can't find any interesting topic to share this weekend, I am now writing about it.

We (and I mean we , Juvy, Yen, Christian and Me) spent the Last day of 2007 and the very 1st day of 2008 together. The last day of 2007 was spent to share goodwill to mankind (tears flooding) the reach-out event. Right after the said event we went to C5 (Victoria Plaza) and visited Prince (Christian's Coz) birthday party. that was how we ended our 2007.

On the very first day of 2008, after spending the 12am Noche Buena individually, we got together. At around 1:30am we went to Davao Medical Center to visit Yen-yen (nurse of the day...hahaha). We brought some food and stuff to lighten her mood. It was our promise and we wanted to keep it. We all just wanted to spend some time together. (as always...)

I'm a little tired right now and my writing is too lousy so you better just look at some of our pictures.

The Giant Christmas tree at Victoria Plaza... It is hard to capture this view... the Lights are always moving so one must have perfect timing.

Christian and yours truly... with best friend RED HORSE.

ME, Yen-yen, Juvy and Christian at Davao Medical Center.

2:00 am of January 1, 2008

Christian, Juvy, Yen-yen and Rommel... New Year's Feast at DMC.

Island GArden City of Samal

We went Island Hopping at Island Garden City of Samal. Bosing Christian was absent in our adventure that day. Kaputian and Wishing Island were some of the many places we got to visit. It is indeed a PARADISE for beach lovers like me. I can't get enough of this place. It is just 30 mins. away from Davao City but I rarely get to visit it. This year I will try to visit it more often.

Here are some of the pictures I want to share:
As I mentioned a while ago... Bosing Christian was absent.

Wishing on "Wishing Island". EMO look for my friendster account.

White sand and brown skin..... It looks funny and so different yet they complement each other. That is what our friendship means to us... Odd yet we are always better together.



Davao City... proving itself...

As a proud davaeño... I would like to post this entry, validating my claim that Davao has the best of everything. This time Davao City ranked 10th in the list.


Economic potential
• Percentage of the population under 25
• Adult unemployment level in 2006
• Change in adult unemployment 2004-06
• Average annual earnings of employees in 2006
• Average annual earnings growth 2004-06
• FDI stock per capita at the city level
• FDI stock per capita at the state/province level
• Level of FDI in 2006
• Number of foreign investment deals signed in 2006
• Three most significant inward investment projects
• FDI retention rate

Cost effectiveness
• Town centre office rental costs
• Out-of-town office rental costs
• Factory/industrial premises rental costs
• Warehouse rental costs
• Town centre office purchase costs
• Out-of-town office purchase costs
• Factory/industrial premises purchase costs
• Warehouse purchase costs
• Secretarial salaries
• Entry level manager salaries
• Middle manager salaries
• Senior manager salaries
• Manual worker wages
• Electricity tariffs for business/industrial users
• Water tariffs for business/industrial users
• Gas tariff for business/industrial users
• Unleaded fuel costs
• Diesel fuel costs

Human resources
• Number of university-level educational institutions in the city
• Number of university-level educational institutions in the state/province
• Leading university and research institutions in the city
• Leading university and research institutions in the state/province
• Number of student graduates in 2006
• Percentage of the city population with a university-level degree
• Government-sponsored worker training programmes
• Number of strikes in past three years
• Number of working hours per week

Quality of life
• Best housing areas
• Average residential property purchase price
• Average residential rental costs
• Public health care facilities
• Private health care facilities
• Leading schools
• Leading international schools
• Cultural heritage
• Environmental heritage
• Incidents of crime per 1000 people
• Number of soldiers and police personnel (% of general population)
• Number of foreigners becoming residents in past two years

• Strategic transport links
• Mobile phone ownership (% of adult population)
• Internet connection speeds (maximum available bandwidth)

Business friendliness
• Basic level of corporate taxation
• Business-related taxes at the city level
• Business-related taxes at the state/province level
• Property transaction tax
• Number of non-local companies in the city
• Number of non-local companies in the state/province
• Number of jobs created by non-local companies in the past year
• Mandatory employer contributions, eg welfare taxes, health care benefits, etc

FDI promotion strategy
• Sectors targeted for inward investment
• Financial support available to investors
• Non-financial investment support available to investors
• Major infrastructure and urban planning projects
• Environmental strategies and grants
• Percentage of GDP allocated to FDI promotion

Let me quote an ABS-CBN on-line report.

"Karangalan ang nakamit ng tatlong lungsod ng Pilipinas na napabilang sa "Top 10 Asian Cities of the Future."

Pasok ang Quezon City, Cebu City at Davao City sa prestihiyosong listahan na iginawad ng isang foreign direct investment magazine."

You can view the whole report of the "Top 10 Asian Cities of the Future"
and see how DAVAO City and the two other Cities of the Philippines made it.


Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo

Yes... I admit... I watched SAKAL, SAKALI, SAKLOLO starring Juday and Ryan.

It is not the issue here. I wanna post this blog as a reminder of what a terrible night it was. The movie was ok, the only MMFF movie we watched this season (we were forced to... we saw I am legend and National Treasure na kasi...) and that Night S,S,S seemed to be the best option...

Natapos ang gabi na may gusto kaming SAKALin baka SAKALIng matauhan siya habang humihingi ng SAKLOLO. (bitter!) The four of us enjoyed the movie.. nakakatawa ang whole cast (dapat cguro nag best picture yun.!) It helped to lighten the mood of an obviously bad night. We partially take part in the blame pro di talaga namin makuha ang rationale, nde ng movie kasi naintindihan namin yun... yung isang issue na ayaw ko ng e.elaborate. Basta... ito ang Trophy namin, pictures of our movie tickets...hahaha

Natapos ang gabi na hindi namin naintindihan ang pangyayari... ito lang ang masasabi ko bilang pagtatapos...

As the saying goes:

If there is a will, there is a way

Since you don't have the will, you say NO WAY!


Bert Mejia in Action

Sa lagay na to, May sakit pa daw siya. Akalain mo? tinatablan pa xa ng sakit. He is not feeling well when we got to see him in action at Metrobank Sta. Ana avenue last January 9, 2007. (yesterday..) Today I heard na nag absent siya.. kawawa naman ang favorite teller namin..hehehhe Get well soon berto...
Tanawa ang kamot... milagro, nde nya suot ang GOLDEN WATCH nya. Kaya ka siguro not feeling well...hehehe And the outfit ha, Gusot mayaman..heheheh

photographer in me

I am really not a professional photographer, I just like taking photos. I know I'm not good at it but who would stand against one's passion. This is a democratic country, as long as you don't step on other peoples right its Ok... so in conclusion, photography is fine.

This are some of my favorite pictures, taken by yours truly.

I don't know the name of this resort, all I know is that it is located right in front of Pearl Farm Resort. (maybe it is still a part of Pearl Farm... really don't have any idea)

This are fish cage in the middle of the sea. Love the combination of sky and sea.. It never fails to amaze me. It is such a wonderful view. Sad part of in this picture was that the weather was not cooperating. Because of the gloomy weather the picture appears dull.

Wish I could post a bigger picture for you to appreciate this better.
This is a very bad picture ( I mean the PIX) of young kids of Isla Verde waving at the passing Helicopter of Davao City mayor, Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte. I had to zoom in my "not so hightech" digital camera to get this.
I really don't know them. (although they are my neighbors) Its just like taking pictures of this kids.

Another great combination of sky and sea. I am developing an obsession for S&S.hahaha
Any comment will be highly appreciated. Professional photographers out there... I need help on my new crave...heheheh

I am not a good writer but I blog.
I am not a good photographer but I take pictures.
I am doing everything I know I am not good at the best way I can.
I am not a good person either but I am doing my part.


henna tattoo & PARADISE adventure

Very old pictures of our adventures.

The first picture is a collage of the henna tattoo we had long long time ago. Trip lang and we had it done by an artist who was promoting their booth at NCCC mall. I can't remember the exact date.

Second is also a collage of our overnight stay at PARADISE RESORT. This day, yen-yen admitted that her dream in life is to become a policewoman. I had to take note of this part, It is such a funny experience. I can't imagine PO1 MARIA ELISA EDADES, RN, PNP as part of the Philippine Police force... (sounds good naman diba?)


please leave a comment

Please no "no comment"...heheheh

If you happen to click on this blog page... please leave a comment naman po. I'll take all the positive and negative comments. (pila lang pag erase...heheh) Its important for me... and you may also request anything na gusto nyong e.feature sa bahay ko....

and don't forget to let me know kung sino po kayo.... salamat po....

ISLA VERDE kids reach out

Salamat po ng marami sa tulong na binigay ninyo..... sana po ay hindi kau mag sawa sa pag suporta sa ating mumunting handog para sa mga bata at para sa mundo...

Maam sarah and kids- salamat sa napakaraming toys ang damit. Pag palain nawa kau at ang whole family mo.. sobrang salamat po talaga.

Epi- salamat sa industrial and moral support.heheheh thank you...

Garduque FAMILY- salamat sa pagbabahagi ng financial na tulong. Pagpalain nawa kau ng may kapal. Thank you for sharing your blessings to the world.

CAfe family- salamat din po. Kayo po ay naging malaking bahagi ng aming mission na makatulong.

Sa lahat po ng hindi namin nabangit. Alam nyo na po kung sino kayo.

Mula po sa lahat ng bata sa ISLA VERDE.... MARAMING SALAMAT PO.

Gift nila maam sarah and kids... dami masyadong toys and damit...

Candies and toys..... party style...

Thank you sa mga sponsors....
Juice..... by yen-yen
pamigay ng gift at mga laruan for Isla Verde Kids...
Santa claus mode kami...

unti-unting dumarami...
Ayan sila... parating na....
Iha... anong makati?
Girls group
Young boys of Isla Verde