Davao City... proving itself...

As a proud davaeño... I would like to post this entry, validating my claim that Davao has the best of everything. This time Davao City ranked 10th in the list.


Economic potential
• Percentage of the population under 25
• Adult unemployment level in 2006
• Change in adult unemployment 2004-06
• Average annual earnings of employees in 2006
• Average annual earnings growth 2004-06
• FDI stock per capita at the city level
• FDI stock per capita at the state/province level
• Level of FDI in 2006
• Number of foreign investment deals signed in 2006
• Three most significant inward investment projects
• FDI retention rate

Cost effectiveness
• Town centre office rental costs
• Out-of-town office rental costs
• Factory/industrial premises rental costs
• Warehouse rental costs
• Town centre office purchase costs
• Out-of-town office purchase costs
• Factory/industrial premises purchase costs
• Warehouse purchase costs
• Secretarial salaries
• Entry level manager salaries
• Middle manager salaries
• Senior manager salaries
• Manual worker wages
• Electricity tariffs for business/industrial users
• Water tariffs for business/industrial users
• Gas tariff for business/industrial users
• Unleaded fuel costs
• Diesel fuel costs

Human resources
• Number of university-level educational institutions in the city
• Number of university-level educational institutions in the state/province
• Leading university and research institutions in the city
• Leading university and research institutions in the state/province
• Number of student graduates in 2006
• Percentage of the city population with a university-level degree
• Government-sponsored worker training programmes
• Number of strikes in past three years
• Number of working hours per week

Quality of life
• Best housing areas
• Average residential property purchase price
• Average residential rental costs
• Public health care facilities
• Private health care facilities
• Leading schools
• Leading international schools
• Cultural heritage
• Environmental heritage
• Incidents of crime per 1000 people
• Number of soldiers and police personnel (% of general population)
• Number of foreigners becoming residents in past two years

• Strategic transport links
• Mobile phone ownership (% of adult population)
• Internet connection speeds (maximum available bandwidth)

Business friendliness
• Basic level of corporate taxation
• Business-related taxes at the city level
• Business-related taxes at the state/province level
• Property transaction tax
• Number of non-local companies in the city
• Number of non-local companies in the state/province
• Number of jobs created by non-local companies in the past year
• Mandatory employer contributions, eg welfare taxes, health care benefits, etc

FDI promotion strategy
• Sectors targeted for inward investment
• Financial support available to investors
• Non-financial investment support available to investors
• Major infrastructure and urban planning projects
• Environmental strategies and grants
• Percentage of GDP allocated to FDI promotion

Let me quote an ABS-CBN on-line report.

"Karangalan ang nakamit ng tatlong lungsod ng Pilipinas na napabilang sa "Top 10 Asian Cities of the Future."

Pasok ang Quezon City, Cebu City at Davao City sa prestihiyosong listahan na iginawad ng isang foreign direct investment magazine."

You can view the whole report of the "Top 10 Asian Cities of the Future"
and see how DAVAO City and the two other Cities of the Philippines made it.


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