New Year of 2008

What better way to spend New Year than to spend it with people dear to you.

This entry is a little late... 12 days late infact... (want to curse right now.) I didn't plan to write anything for New Year (obviously I did not) but since I can't find any interesting topic to share this weekend, I am now writing about it.

We (and I mean we , Juvy, Yen, Christian and Me) spent the Last day of 2007 and the very 1st day of 2008 together. The last day of 2007 was spent to share goodwill to mankind (tears flooding) the reach-out event. Right after the said event we went to C5 (Victoria Plaza) and visited Prince (Christian's Coz) birthday party. that was how we ended our 2007.

On the very first day of 2008, after spending the 12am Noche Buena individually, we got together. At around 1:30am we went to Davao Medical Center to visit Yen-yen (nurse of the day...hahaha). We brought some food and stuff to lighten her mood. It was our promise and we wanted to keep it. We all just wanted to spend some time together. (as always...)

I'm a little tired right now and my writing is too lousy so you better just look at some of our pictures.

The Giant Christmas tree at Victoria Plaza... It is hard to capture this view... the Lights are always moving so one must have perfect timing.

Christian and yours truly... with best friend RED HORSE.

ME, Yen-yen, Juvy and Christian at Davao Medical Center.

2:00 am of January 1, 2008

Christian, Juvy, Yen-yen and Rommel... New Year's Feast at DMC.

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