photographer in me

I am really not a professional photographer, I just like taking photos. I know I'm not good at it but who would stand against one's passion. This is a democratic country, as long as you don't step on other peoples right its Ok... so in conclusion, photography is fine.

This are some of my favorite pictures, taken by yours truly.

I don't know the name of this resort, all I know is that it is located right in front of Pearl Farm Resort. (maybe it is still a part of Pearl Farm... really don't have any idea)

This are fish cage in the middle of the sea. Love the combination of sky and sea.. It never fails to amaze me. It is such a wonderful view. Sad part of in this picture was that the weather was not cooperating. Because of the gloomy weather the picture appears dull.

Wish I could post a bigger picture for you to appreciate this better.
This is a very bad picture ( I mean the PIX) of young kids of Isla Verde waving at the passing Helicopter of Davao City mayor, Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte. I had to zoom in my "not so hightech" digital camera to get this.
I really don't know them. (although they are my neighbors) Its just like taking pictures of this kids.

Another great combination of sky and sea. I am developing an obsession for S&S.hahaha
Any comment will be highly appreciated. Professional photographers out there... I need help on my new crave...heheheh

I am not a good writer but I blog.
I am not a good photographer but I take pictures.
I am doing everything I know I am not good at the best way I can.
I am not a good person either but I am doing my part.

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