Sorry.. wrong NUMBER

I started working for my present job late last year, November of 2007 to be exact. Uncertain of what awaits me, I decided to take the risk and opportunity as well. The position is new (never handled the responsibility ever...), the environment and the people around is also so foreign. It had been two months since I first got in to the office and most of the things are changing. Got rid of all the backlogs (almost) and everything seems to be coming my way. Got so used to the many unfamiliar routine except for this very annoying “constant” mistake that occurs averagely 8 times a day.

We have three telephone lines in the office and one phone is placed right beside me, the busiest phone in the office. What makes it busy? An irritating WRONG NUMBER from strangers who would not consider listening to my “*name of the company* Good morning/ Good afternoon” greeting. I always put emphasis on the COMPANY NAME but they never listen. Most of the time I get a response like “AIRCON taxi at Doña Luisa....(whatever!!!)”

HOLIDAY TAXI ba kami? The correct number of HOLIDAY TAXI is 300-71-71 (commercial ba ito?). Considering na iba maxado and No. namin from them, nakakatawang isipin na kami ang palaging tinatawagan. The next time you need a taxi please don't call us. Dial the correct number.

Thank you.

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