3 days of drunkenness

Thursday (January 31, 2008)- We went out with some of Christian's friends. We went to Davao Bay walk popularly known as Seawall. The drinking session started at 9pm and we went home early the next morning...hahahah 3am to be exact. As usual I was late for office... FRIDAY SICKNESS.

FRIDAY(February 1, 2008)- I arrived at the office at 8:38am I'm 8 minutes late equivalent to 30 minutes deduction. Today is Ms. A's birthday. Our HR head. We had a party at their house and it was fun. Again we had our share of drinks. We went home @ 3am again and you guess it right tomorrow I will be late for work AGAIN.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ms. A... Thank you for a great party!

SATURDAY (February 02, 2008)- Got in the office at 9am. (very late!) Today is Ma'am Nanet's Birthday. You guessed it right again! We had a party at ZED minus the birthday celebrant (the birthday was only an excuse for us to drink and be merry) After the party at ZED we went to Seawall for a bottle of beer and went home at 4am. Sunday is no office day so I can stay all night out. YEAH!

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