my work station

I started in my work last November 12, 2007. From that day till now I have been facing the same computer unit and been in this same work station. I adore my job and everything that comes along with it. I haven’t really faced a big problem since I got into my office so until now all is well. I admit there are times I got tempted to file a resignation again (don’t give me that look!). I know I have been to countless jobs (exaggerating me!) and still I want more. hahahah

I think I’ll be holding on to this job for some time. I am now on my third month and thanks to my officemates, I might consider stay longer. Wish me luck guys!

I work for a call center environment but I am not a call center agent. Though I would love to, but I just can't stand there lifestyle. I have to have a normal sleeping hours for me to function well.

The pink slip is not a safe card. It is a post it sign reminding me of what reports I should submit.

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