non sense!

Every morning I wake up wondering, what if I have a different fate?

I have always dreamed of a better life, where getting a brand new cellular phone need not be planned. I have always wanted a life free from financial stress and worries. (materialistic persona kicking in!) I mean, I have worked my ass of for almost a year now. I have jumped from one employer to the other and changed my lifestyle in so many ways still unfulfilled. I think and hope I’m wrong, that even if I tire my butt out working ten years straight, I would still not get close to my goal. Really sad!

Then it hit me, I might never get close to what I have always wanted in life but I like what I have right now. I might never get hold of the latest cellphone or the top of the line laptops and digital camera but I’m perfectly okay.

Let me share to you the things that make my life one of a kind.

Don’t have the latest cellular phone but what’s the use? I have a great family that communicates a lot. We share our deepest desires and dreams, and try to make it all come true. We could stay all night talking to each other. No low battery, no out of coverage, no extra charge, all things unlimited, in love and in values.

Don’t have the latest laptop to help me with my work but I have my friends who make my life worthwhile. At the end of every crazy day, I anticipate for another drinking session or just being together. In them I feel untouchable, like I can be anyone I want to be and they can be my side kick buddies. They can be annoying yet so sweet. If I want to fly, they’ll kill chickens and make the feather my wings. If I want to cry, they piss me off till I get angry and forget about the pain. They have the power to make my world turn upside down and still love my life and wait for another tomorrow for them to ruin my so fantastically patterned life and make it miserably fun.

At the end of my life, my bank account wouldn’t matter anymore. All the money and fame will just form part of my estate that will be distributed to my clan. At the end of it all, my life will be measured by how many good laughs I had and how many times I loved.

Life isn’t that bad after all. If we try to look past the pain and the things we don’t have, we will be able to count the blessings we have. I know my blessings, start counting yours.

I still would want to get rich and be famous. I want it badly that I’d kill for it (joke!) Someday I’ll own the world and make you a part owner.

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