First time to try Korean dish and I love it!

I together with my officemates went to SOMANG Kim chi Restaurant at Bajada Davao City, fronting Victoria Plaza. We ordered a not so familiar Korean dish and it was served to us raw with countless side dishes. We dived into it considering we were all hungry. I had to observe them as they munch in. I had to be oriented on the manner this unfamiliar delights were eaten. It was fun and taste bud friendly experience. I don’t suggest that everyone should try Korean food. We have different taste when it comes to food so if you want to try it just be ready for the exotic taste.

This kind of dining is one of those very few times where I got so full with only one cup of rice.

1. Some Korean foods are not so palatable for the Filipino taste buds.
2. Always be ready with a drinking water when you visit Korean Resto, they have some chili dishes there.

Asian pose

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