happy birthday RAY

March 29, 2008

A woman of beauty
Magnificent attitude and manners
Simple but very elegant
Sweet and kind
She can be dangerous and wild
Smart, humble and loved.

She is every man's dream
Every womans envy
A proud daughter
efficient employee
well loved person



Grey Day

Thought from Meredith Grey of Grey's Anatomy

A couple of hundred years ago, Benjamin Franklin shared with
the world the secret of his success. Never leave that till tomorrow, he said,
which you can do today. This is the man who discovered electricity. You think
more people would listen to what he had to say. I don't know why we put things
off, but if I had to guess, I'd have to say it has a lot to do with fear. Fear
of failure, fear of rejection, sometimes the fear is just of making a decision,
because what if you're wrong? What if you're making a mistake you can't undo?
The early bird catches the worm. A stitch in time saves nine. He who hesitates
is lost. We can't pretend we hadn't been told. We've all heard the proverbs,
heard the philosophers, heard our grandparents warning us about wasted time,
heard the damn poets urging us to seize the day. Still sometimes we have to see
for ourselves. We have to make our own mistakes. We have to learn our own
lessons. We have to sweep today's possibility under tomorrow's rug until we
can't anymore. Until we finally understand for ourselves what Benjamin Franklin
really meant. That knowing is better than wondering, that waking is better than
sleeping, and even the biggest failure, even the worst, beat the hell out of
never trying.


happy bday karla

A friend since first year college....
Grew up together (with accounting in mind)...
I have untangled her love life problems for quite some time now....
Back her up in making excuses for her mom...
today is her birthday....
Happy birthday KARLA!!!!

all at work...

Yes... we do take pictures of poeple at work...

Nothing much to say....
The pictures look great though....



I have to borrow this words of wisdom from maam sarah...

I don't have to elaborate on this. It's very self explanatory.
I have to constantly remind myself that people born with low
intelligence can't help themselves when they say or do stupid things.


So this is despair....

Nothing is more real than pain.
You can always fake a smile but can never hide a bleeding heart.


I love beer....

This happens when you take so much alcohol and mix up things.


i miss this....

I miss the nighly sessions and the fun. I know I have to work but I miss this.


new blog...

started a new blog... a photo blog ma-ni-ni-yut sa dakbayan a compilation of photos taken by me with my humble camera. I am also accepting photo contributions from anyone. Any topic about davao or other places you visited.

If you have some nice photos please do contribute. e-mail me at davaophoto@gmail.com.