prophesy of a bad day

i have a feeling that everything will go wrong today....
..... i mean everything
..... everything in every sense of the word
..... saw the signs coming
..... the bad omen passed
..... its starting to get dark
..... i hope I'm wrong
..... but I'm certainly sure I'm right

Reminder to myself. Be prepared, be ready, watch your back.



happy place

I'm in my happy mode
been through my happy place
Life is a mess
Everyday seems worst
But I'm in a happy mode
Coz I have been to my happy place

A place of big rocks and file of stones
Where the big man stands alone
Unclothed yet so still strong
Glittering gold faced by unknown

He stands there day and night
He stands there in sunset and sunrise
he endures the rain
takes all the pain
receives all the questioning look
like a bait tied in a hook

When darkness falls he too shall rest
he takes his blanket and tries to fix his bed
A bottle of beer for tomorrow
Maybe another visit to that place
Life goes on for this big guy
Whos story is unpublished

Bowed to return
to that silent secret place
where he reconciles his thoughts
and leaves before its too late
and if he one day forget that life was at some point at its best
all he need to do
is to visit his HAPPY PLACE.


public notice

I want her to find the love she wanted so badly,

even I would be left out by her doing so....


drunk but thankful me...

I got home this morning at 3am. I was a little tipsy and not feeling well. I had to sleep and wake up early for the big event today. I had at least 3 hours of sleep and I'm off to prepare for work again.

Everyone stared at me with that judgmental eyes when I arrived at the office 14 minutes late, or I am just making up all these. I didn't care what they think of me. I have to settle my bills, I have loads of work to do which I doubt if I could finish today and I have to listen to my favorite music to set in my mood.

Haven't finished the books of account yet. This is one of my heavy burdens. But I will try to fix it up before my BIG day comes.

And by the way about the song THANK YOU. I can relate to some if not most of its lyrics. I'm not threatened to lose my job anyways but the part where you sent me a good morning message sums it all up. And hey!? Aren't you supposed to be working at 9am? But then again... THANK YOU!


im taking a lot of test

its for my birthday!!!!

I'm taking a lot of test to spare myself from writing long journals and stupid sentiments. My birthday is coming and I'm turning 22 this year. I just wanted to share somethings about me, things I still haven't discovered about myself.

Well, I'm not telling your prematurely my exact birthday... You will know it when the day comes.

I'm having apprehensions of divulging that dreaded date. I might get stuck up with the burden of feeding all my office mates, and my classmates in college and in high school, and my friends and everyone who might join in. I am assuming that they are reading my blog.heheheh well anyways enjoy my week long birthday post.

a little over being normal

You Are 56% Bipolar

You're a bit moody, and at times, your moods can be a bit extreme.

It's up to you to decide if you're simply dramatic... or slightly bipolar.

my name would mean.....

What Adellon Means

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You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive.

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You are balanced, orderly, and organized. You like your ducks in a row.

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People can see you as stubborn and headstrong. You definitely have a dominant personality.

You are friendly, charming, and warm. You get along with almost everyone.

You work hard not to rock the boat. Your easy going attitude brings people together.

At times, you can be a little flaky and irresponsible. But for the important things, you pull it together.

You are relaxed, chill, and very likely to go with the flow.

You are light hearted and accepting. You don't get worked up easily.

Well adjusted and incredibly happy, many people wonder what your secret to life is.

You are well rounded, with a complete perspective on life.

You are solid and dependable. You are loyal, and people can count on you.

At times, you can be a bit too serious. You tend to put too much pressure on yourself.

You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people.

You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts.

You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals.

im a cat...meowwww....

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http://www.blogthings.com/whatanimalwereyouinapastlifequiz/">What Animal Were You In a Past Life?

im an underrated blogger... but its me!

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I am not a fan of local songs. By local songs I mean songs like bakakon ka, gikumot-kumot and alike. We just play this songs inside our aquarium just to pass time. This never fails to make me laugh. It has an amazing tickling power.

“bakakon ka, lier, evil ka!”
“bakakon ka, lier, evil ka!”
“bakakon ka, lier, evil ka!”


Take this test!
People with a caring nature have an uncanny ability to anticipate and meet the needs of others around them. This nurturing quality has helped them earn their karma up to this point. Their thoughtfulness strengthens their current relationships and suggests that such kindnesses will be repaid to them some time in the future. Through their concerted efforts to express how much they care, they generate good karma for themselves and the universe.


Lasing story

Sa bote ng beer
Dun tayo nagkakaisa
samot saring mga kwento
hinahabi at ini-isa
nawawala ang hiya
lumalakas ang tawa
nalilimutan ang problema
Beer nga ay nagpapaiba

Sa tagal-tagal ng magkakasama
kwento di pa naiiba
pauli-ulit na lang ang linya
sa ibabaw ng bote ipinagsasama

kung makatulog man sa mesa
hahayaan kita
kung sumuka man at mag wala
tayo'y magkasama

mamula na ang kutis
makalimutan na ang pangalan
kahit di na umimik
basta't mag ambag lang pang pulutan

sa mundo nang mga lasing
tayo ang bida
marami man ang hilo
hayaan na lang natin sila
sa araw na ito wala tayong problema
Napawi ng pagkalasing
lahat ng ating dinarama

At kung bukas bumalik pa siya
Isang bote lang katapat niya
lilipad uli tayo at magsasaya
sa mundong tayo ang may gawa.


A lesson from my INAANAK

Kuya Arcel is my sweet inaanak. He can be annoying sometimes but he is so sweet and I love it when he calls me Tito-Ninong Adz. Last Saturday we went to visit them and had fun playing with each other. We laughed and talked like we were the best of friends, which is very rare for us. We don’t usually talk like best buddies. I am just his Tito and he is my godchild.

9 o’clock in the evening

Kuya Arcel: San kayo mag punta tito Adz?
Tito adz: Dyan lang sa labas, magbili nang candy.
Kuya Arcel: Sama ako!
Tito Adz: Wag
na, Sandali lang kami. Dyan lang din kami sa labas.

After 30 minutes, I
saw Kuya Arcel outside the gate I immediately walked at him and talked to him.

Tito Adz: bakit ka nag labas? Gabi na man masyado.
Kuya Arcel: Sabi mo dyan ka lang? Sabi mo sandali lang
Tito Adz: Galit si kuya Arcel?
Kuya Arcel: Opo, Sabi mo dyan ka lang. Sabi mo sandali lang kayo.
Tito Adz: Sorry.....

Lesson: Keep your promises and mean what you

A man is worth his words. A child remembers. People might
forget the promise you gave them but the world in all it’s splendid beauty keeps
its own record of promises.

10:30 PM

Kuya Arcel peeped out from their room window and called me out.

Kuya Arcel: Tito Adz? Mag uwi na kayo?
Tito Adz: Maya-maya pa. Tapusin muna namin to…

We were drinking and everyone was a little bit tipsy. So after a few
minutes of conversation we decided to go home and leave.

Tito Adz: Bye Kuya! Uwi na kami…
Kuya Arcel: Sabi mo maya-maya pa kayo mag uwi?

Ouch.!!!!!!! It hit me again. I just said that we should keep our
promises and mean what we say.

I went inside their room to talk to him. He was then lying in his bed
covering his face with a pillow.

Tito Adz: Uwi na kami. Gabi na man masyado. Kailangan pa
mag work ni tito bukas. Ikaw din, sleep kana. Ok? Good night.
Kuya Arcel: Good night tito.
Tito adz: Kiss ako beh! (I kissed him) Love you.
Kuya Arcel: Love you! Ingat Tito adz!


Coming from a five year old child who doesn’t even know what INGAT and LOVE means this words are the sweetest words. He might interpret LOVE YOU as to mean "thank you for a day well spent" and INGAT as "come back tomorrow so we can do it again" but it still is the sincerest sign gratitude that could lift a lowly spirit like mine. Heard a lot of people say they truly care and that a Tito Adz matters to them, but hearing a child say this, probably is the most honest and innocent phrase I ever heard.

Wish everyone including myself could be as spontaneous and honest as these kids. They mean what they say when they say it. They don't pretend to care, but when they say INGAT, they do so because for the time being they really want you to take good care of your self, and when they say I LOVE YOU they really mean it and are just glad you were there to be with them.

Tomorrow is another day for Kuya Arcel and for me, but the Saturday night we shared, for him as well as for me was a day worth remembering.

A thousand more

This is an excerpt from the poem by a poet from University of Mindanao. This appeared in their monthly literary folio way back then. Even the author may have forgotten he ever wrote this poem. I just adore this poem so much that I even used this as piece in a presentation for my English 103- Speech and Grammar Class. We were then asked to introduce ourselves and recite our favorite poem. I did this poem with emotions I don’t know from where but it yield good results. I received a 1.2 (98) for this test.

“Million years I may have lived
A thousand times I may have died
But until you’d know my existence
Until you can be mine
This soldier
This slave
This pupil
This beggar that you have mocked
Wont mind
A thousand more”

by Socrates Gersava

I'm making no sense

Been up all night
Thinking about you
How you made me feel
Sad and blue
I’d still give it up all
Just to be with you
And if all things are falling
I would still continue risking
Hoping against hope
Fighting all odds
Making sure this sad story
Would lead to another path
And if someday soon I’d wake
With you still beyond my reach
I’d take another lifetime
And still look for you in it
A thousand things I’m willing to do
Just to make our story come true
A million things I would give up
Just to make all this last
What we have now may not be perfect
And my days may not always be complete
But your smile, your voice makes it all worth it
And if destiny permits, I want to be the reason for it.


DR. LOVE: by maam sarah

This is an excerpt from maam sarah's old blog entry, rashidsmom.blogdrive.com entitled Dr Love. This was written a long. Long time ago and was buried in the middle of pacific ocean with treasures on the side. When I read this, I just know that this will make an interesting entry for my blog. Most of its content is something a dear friend can directly relate to.

don't you just hate it when people try their best to gain
your trust and when you have fallen into their trap you just get disappointed in
the end?

case in point.. my good friend has a relationship with this
guy who promised her the moon and the stars but he ended up giving her the
short end of the stick instead. just when she started trusting men
again he turns out to be a brute with no manners and a mule who has to be
kicked in the butt all the time.

is she just unlucky in love? a magnet for psychos? does
she emit an aura of negativity? did she go through college and a doctorate
degree for years only to be bullied around by a man who doesn't
respect womanity? can a guy profess his undying love for you, promise you a
happy future together but flirt with a lot of women on the side?

i gave Marina (not her real name) a piece of my mind..
"kick him out and get on with your life!" No guy is worth giving up your sanity
and your self respect. Not even the handsomest, most attractive, richest, most
succesful of the lot. It's just not worth it.

are all of them just daft? don't they know we just like to be
taken cared of and respected for who we are and not for what we wear and what we
do and earn for a living? how effin hard is that to understand?

despite all my friends' and my own experiences with men i
still believe that there is a place for me in the love department. i'm not
looking though...but i still have faith.

Thankz maam sarah!!!!!!!!!hehehehehe


Warning signs: BEWARE of stupidity

“The only way to comprehend what mathematicians mean by Infinity is to
contemplate the extent of human stupidity.”

Lately this is becoming a revelation to me. One can never measure how stupid a person can be. I have worked with a lot of morons who's IQ's never seem to reach a double digit but managed to find a way to get over the problem without fuss. Don't misinterpret me. I am not a genius myself and definitely I am not an anti-moron advocate. There are just some annoying creatures who's idea of life is to hide there “MORONess” by adding insult to injury.

This past few years I meet a quite number of stupid people in my life. They come in different size and form. You can see them like a wide array of “ukay-ukay” in Agdao public market and one just can't help but marvel where the hell they came from. They are clothed in decent attire with decent positions and a cursed (not blessed) with the monopoly of words that could sell Mt. Everest to Bill Gates.

The more they talk, the more the stupidity shows. They try to hide their flaws by showing people they know everything. They talk about life, politics, finances and even personal things which will make you feel they are really interested (whatever!). They appear smart and classy. But an in depth analysis will show how shallow they really are. They are like vultures waiting to see your weak spot and attacks you when your ready to sleep and trust them.

I'm I making sense? Probably not to all who will read this. We all have a different notion of stupidity and mine might be different from yours. Here are some points we all might agree when to consider a person stupid.
  1. When one lies in front of you and pretends you don't know. There is nothing more stupid than an assumption that one person is as stupid as them.
  2. Making up inconsistent stories to justify a stupid things they did in the past.
  3. Blaming other people for their misfortunes.
  4. When one takes advantage of ones goodness.
  5. When everybody can feel the hypocrisy of the relationship and still would pretend that everything is alright.

Here is a deal. Send me a story of the MOST STUPID PEOPLE/PERSON you met in your life and I'll publish the story. I just did share mine. Oh and by the way, did I mentioned I got tricked by the most stupid person I know. They did exactly what I mentioned in this entry. Didn't see the warning signs. Not till I realized the SIGN number 1 is happening. STUPID ME!


wala lang magawa

My college batchmates adore posing for pictures and even if you inform them that you want to get a particular shot they will still find ways to get in the sceen. This photos are some example of their "fitting in" skill. Taken during Ray's birthday party last March 29, 2008.

George and Ray lang dapat....

Isa pang George and Ray... (i don't know If I got your name right pasenxa....)


the pet edition

This are some of the most anoying yet adorable pet in the world...heheheh

The best buddies PACMAN and BIT-BIT.
PACMAN- named after manny
BIT-BIT- rabbit
They eat and sleep together.

Juvy's pet..... whatever...hehehe