happy place

I'm in my happy mode
been through my happy place
Life is a mess
Everyday seems worst
But I'm in a happy mode
Coz I have been to my happy place

A place of big rocks and file of stones
Where the big man stands alone
Unclothed yet so still strong
Glittering gold faced by unknown

He stands there day and night
He stands there in sunset and sunrise
he endures the rain
takes all the pain
receives all the questioning look
like a bait tied in a hook

When darkness falls he too shall rest
he takes his blanket and tries to fix his bed
A bottle of beer for tomorrow
Maybe another visit to that place
Life goes on for this big guy
Whos story is unpublished

Bowed to return
to that silent secret place
where he reconciles his thoughts
and leaves before its too late
and if he one day forget that life was at some point at its best
all he need to do
is to visit his HAPPY PLACE.

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