A lesson from my INAANAK

Kuya Arcel is my sweet inaanak. He can be annoying sometimes but he is so sweet and I love it when he calls me Tito-Ninong Adz. Last Saturday we went to visit them and had fun playing with each other. We laughed and talked like we were the best of friends, which is very rare for us. We don’t usually talk like best buddies. I am just his Tito and he is my godchild.

9 o’clock in the evening

Kuya Arcel: San kayo mag punta tito Adz?
Tito adz: Dyan lang sa labas, magbili nang candy.
Kuya Arcel: Sama ako!
Tito Adz: Wag
na, Sandali lang kami. Dyan lang din kami sa labas.

After 30 minutes, I
saw Kuya Arcel outside the gate I immediately walked at him and talked to him.

Tito Adz: bakit ka nag labas? Gabi na man masyado.
Kuya Arcel: Sabi mo dyan ka lang? Sabi mo sandali lang
Tito Adz: Galit si kuya Arcel?
Kuya Arcel: Opo, Sabi mo dyan ka lang. Sabi mo sandali lang kayo.
Tito Adz: Sorry.....

Lesson: Keep your promises and mean what you

A man is worth his words. A child remembers. People might
forget the promise you gave them but the world in all it’s splendid beauty keeps
its own record of promises.

10:30 PM

Kuya Arcel peeped out from their room window and called me out.

Kuya Arcel: Tito Adz? Mag uwi na kayo?
Tito Adz: Maya-maya pa. Tapusin muna namin to…

We were drinking and everyone was a little bit tipsy. So after a few
minutes of conversation we decided to go home and leave.

Tito Adz: Bye Kuya! Uwi na kami…
Kuya Arcel: Sabi mo maya-maya pa kayo mag uwi?

Ouch.!!!!!!! It hit me again. I just said that we should keep our
promises and mean what we say.

I went inside their room to talk to him. He was then lying in his bed
covering his face with a pillow.

Tito Adz: Uwi na kami. Gabi na man masyado. Kailangan pa
mag work ni tito bukas. Ikaw din, sleep kana. Ok? Good night.
Kuya Arcel: Good night tito.
Tito adz: Kiss ako beh! (I kissed him) Love you.
Kuya Arcel: Love you! Ingat Tito adz!


Coming from a five year old child who doesn’t even know what INGAT and LOVE means this words are the sweetest words. He might interpret LOVE YOU as to mean "thank you for a day well spent" and INGAT as "come back tomorrow so we can do it again" but it still is the sincerest sign gratitude that could lift a lowly spirit like mine. Heard a lot of people say they truly care and that a Tito Adz matters to them, but hearing a child say this, probably is the most honest and innocent phrase I ever heard.

Wish everyone including myself could be as spontaneous and honest as these kids. They mean what they say when they say it. They don't pretend to care, but when they say INGAT, they do so because for the time being they really want you to take good care of your self, and when they say I LOVE YOU they really mean it and are just glad you were there to be with them.

Tomorrow is another day for Kuya Arcel and for me, but the Saturday night we shared, for him as well as for me was a day worth remembering.

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