DR. LOVE: by maam sarah

This is an excerpt from maam sarah's old blog entry, rashidsmom.blogdrive.com entitled Dr Love. This was written a long. Long time ago and was buried in the middle of pacific ocean with treasures on the side. When I read this, I just know that this will make an interesting entry for my blog. Most of its content is something a dear friend can directly relate to.

don't you just hate it when people try their best to gain
your trust and when you have fallen into their trap you just get disappointed in
the end?

case in point.. my good friend has a relationship with this
guy who promised her the moon and the stars but he ended up giving her the
short end of the stick instead. just when she started trusting men
again he turns out to be a brute with no manners and a mule who has to be
kicked in the butt all the time.

is she just unlucky in love? a magnet for psychos? does
she emit an aura of negativity? did she go through college and a doctorate
degree for years only to be bullied around by a man who doesn't
respect womanity? can a guy profess his undying love for you, promise you a
happy future together but flirt with a lot of women on the side?

i gave Marina (not her real name) a piece of my mind..
"kick him out and get on with your life!" No guy is worth giving up your sanity
and your self respect. Not even the handsomest, most attractive, richest, most
succesful of the lot. It's just not worth it.

are all of them just daft? don't they know we just like to be
taken cared of and respected for who we are and not for what we wear and what we
do and earn for a living? how effin hard is that to understand?

despite all my friends' and my own experiences with men i
still believe that there is a place for me in the love department. i'm not
looking though...but i still have faith.

Thankz maam sarah!!!!!!!!!hehehehehe

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