A thousand more

This is an excerpt from the poem by a poet from University of Mindanao. This appeared in their monthly literary folio way back then. Even the author may have forgotten he ever wrote this poem. I just adore this poem so much that I even used this as piece in a presentation for my English 103- Speech and Grammar Class. We were then asked to introduce ourselves and recite our favorite poem. I did this poem with emotions I don’t know from where but it yield good results. I received a 1.2 (98) for this test.

“Million years I may have lived
A thousand times I may have died
But until you’d know my existence
Until you can be mine
This soldier
This slave
This pupil
This beggar that you have mocked
Wont mind
A thousand more”

by Socrates Gersava


Anonymous said...

hehe.. i almost forgot that poem of mine. tnx for sharing it.

aDz said...

wow... Socrates? im honored you came to visit my humble blog.... salamat ng marami...

Im a fan...