Warning signs: BEWARE of stupidity

“The only way to comprehend what mathematicians mean by Infinity is to
contemplate the extent of human stupidity.”

Lately this is becoming a revelation to me. One can never measure how stupid a person can be. I have worked with a lot of morons who's IQ's never seem to reach a double digit but managed to find a way to get over the problem without fuss. Don't misinterpret me. I am not a genius myself and definitely I am not an anti-moron advocate. There are just some annoying creatures who's idea of life is to hide there “MORONess” by adding insult to injury.

This past few years I meet a quite number of stupid people in my life. They come in different size and form. You can see them like a wide array of “ukay-ukay” in Agdao public market and one just can't help but marvel where the hell they came from. They are clothed in decent attire with decent positions and a cursed (not blessed) with the monopoly of words that could sell Mt. Everest to Bill Gates.

The more they talk, the more the stupidity shows. They try to hide their flaws by showing people they know everything. They talk about life, politics, finances and even personal things which will make you feel they are really interested (whatever!). They appear smart and classy. But an in depth analysis will show how shallow they really are. They are like vultures waiting to see your weak spot and attacks you when your ready to sleep and trust them.

I'm I making sense? Probably not to all who will read this. We all have a different notion of stupidity and mine might be different from yours. Here are some points we all might agree when to consider a person stupid.
  1. When one lies in front of you and pretends you don't know. There is nothing more stupid than an assumption that one person is as stupid as them.
  2. Making up inconsistent stories to justify a stupid things they did in the past.
  3. Blaming other people for their misfortunes.
  4. When one takes advantage of ones goodness.
  5. When everybody can feel the hypocrisy of the relationship and still would pretend that everything is alright.

Here is a deal. Send me a story of the MOST STUPID PEOPLE/PERSON you met in your life and I'll publish the story. I just did share mine. Oh and by the way, did I mentioned I got tricked by the most stupid person I know. They did exactly what I mentioned in this entry. Didn't see the warning signs. Not till I realized the SIGN number 1 is happening. STUPID ME!

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