At 22...

22 years ago I was born
May 3, 1986 was a cursed day
I was destined to fail
It was my fate to hate my life.

I grew up with very little of everything
It made me dream and want more
My family strengthened my faith
Their values were my pillars
They made me who I am today
22 years after that cursed day
I am still a little imbalanced
Quite shaky in character
Strong but never dominant
Never good but has the tendency to be
Imperfect but still trying hard to change.

I found my soul
In some people I met along the way
They reflected the fragments of me
Together we had a very odd friendship
A friendship that matters
I can wake up one day without a penny
And still want them to be with me
I can laugh my heart out
With their very unusual and funny ways
And if I think everything is falling apart
And the bridge I have to cross is wobbly
They will surely change their paths
And dive in the adventure with me
They were never afraid and weak
I admit there were times
Of doubts and anxiety
But we are still here
And we intend to stay

22 years ago when the cursed started
22 years of pain should have been felt
Looking back, reminiscing what happened
I have my family and my friends
A package I had to take
I realized the curse hadn’t started.
and if this is my curse
and the spell had taken its tool
I would rather be cursed forever more.

(Post birthday entry.)

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