“Sometimes change is good. Sometimes change is everything.”

This year is a year of change. It never occurred to me that my life would revolutionize drastically. In deed sometimes change is good. It’s the world’s way of saying that things are not working out and a little change is all you need.

I often wake up with a very predictable daily agenda, most of the time my days would seem so monotonous and boring. If not for my long time friends (thanks to them) I would qualify as a jerk, a stupid asshole a nerd without a life.

“Adz, we need the report by Monday”

“Adz, MANCOM in on Tuesday, be ready with your report”

“Deadline of your weekly report is on Wednesday”

“Cut off for the payroll is on Thursday”

“Consolidate the monthly report for the whole quarter, we need it this Friday”

What could be more hectic and mind-numbing as this commands and responsibilities? But it is my job. It is part of my change. I had evolved from being a simple student to a responsible (?) employee. I love this though; it is one of my few accepted changes. Suddenly everything is falling into its rightful place. But just when I thought so, an unwelcome change comes along. I have to leave behinds the friends I know. The friends who I thought were there for keeps. Just when I’m at my peak and want to shout at the top of my lungs how lucky I’m to have a great life, the inevitable happened. The things I would want to have forever had to leave.

Leaving is in fact a part of the many changes. You don’t want it, nobody wants it but it comes as a package of changing. A shift from the usual routine is always constant. It comes like a thief, unwanted, inexorable and fast. You cannot prepare for it; it never shows any warning it just happens.

But change is not solely applicable to me. It happens to everyone. So if I have changed I have to also consider the change around me. The transformation in this world is not in me alone. It happens to you and me and to the whole humanity.

So I still say “Change is everything”.

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