HOLY CROSS of Davao College: May 2008 CPA Board top 7

The PRC announces that 1,268 out of 4,651 (27%) passed the Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examination given by the Board of Accountancy in the Cities of Manila, Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo and Legaspi.

Here’s the top 10 of the May 2008 CPA Board Exam:

1. Kristine Arce Pineda, DLSU-Manila 91.43

2. Raymund Francis Abuda Escala, Univ of the Cordilleras 91.00

3. Ryan Oliver Tiu Dy, DLSU-Manila 90.86

4. Ron Jeric Sarmiento Leonardo, UP-Diliman 90.43

5. Loudie Jay Canonoy Falguera, St. Paul’s Business School – Palo Leyte 89.86

6. Jonathan Tan Bino, DLSU-Manila 89.71
Lyn Lazarito Osano, MSU-Gen.Santos City 89.71

7. Marvin Fang Chua, DLSU-Manila 89.57
Lyndon Pcalda Jabla, Holy Cross of Davao College 89.57

8. Charles Bryan Mariñas Tan, San Beda College 89.00

9. Jianessa Camille Domingo Diaz, DLSU-Manila 88.86

10. Christopher Ryan Mariñas Tan, San Beda College 89.00


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