Lonely boy: Series 2

I haven’t felt this sad and alone ever in my life. I woke up with no one beside me, had to fix my breakfast and eat it all by myself. The saddest reality is sinking right into my bones. When the day ends, I have nobody but me.

I have three phones with different lines but time indeed plays a fool to those who wait. Like a useless device, my phone is not cooperating. I even tried to send an SMS to my self trying out if SUN, SMART and GLOBE system is down foolishly wishing it really was so as to find an excuse why I haven’t receive an invitation to go out for the day. And for the first time in 2 days the most anticipated sound was heard but I know to well it was a message from my self. I am becoming a pathetic cell phone user. I can’t stand being alone anymore, I tried to contact everyone I know but to no avail. They all seem to have lousy excuses why they can’t come with me. At that point I just realized God was punishing me for not going to church in 3 straight weeks. I have to go now; at least I will have a valid reason why I should spend my night out. Maybe I can find someone to accompany me, someone I can spend the rest of my weekend with.

I got to the church a little late for the last mass, well, better late than never I said to myself. No familiar face around. Sad… As if everything in the world has conspired to ruin my day.

Anyone out there if you are reading this, If you are going to BAKBAK or BBQ BOSS or any place with a beer and smoking area, bring me along I wouldn’t mind being invited. Free beer is a plus but I could bargain for a KKB. Text me now or else you will regret this forever. Offer is on while I still haven’t fulfilled my craving for my usual beer dosage. Come on you people hurry up!

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Blogie said...

Sana kasi sumama ka sa bloggers party last saturday! ;)