Off ot something new!

No! You are wrong, totally wrong. I am not resigning, not after I received a generous raise. (Thank you!) This is my longest stay in a job so far. 7 months and I’m still happy with it. I plan to resign this coming October though.

This year I’m off to something new. I still don’t have definite plans but I know this year will be different. I did celebrate my birthday in a very unusual way and I am planning to take it from there. Not is sure of what’s to come. The only thing I know about is that we will be going to Dumaguete this year for a well deserved vacation. I am excited about it. Everybody is. Aside from that I will live my life candidly. No plans, come what may. Besides when I plan things they always end up differently, so what’s the use?

Basta, I’m off to something new and let’s just leave it that way.

I’m starting a new series of entries entitled lonely boy. The story varies in theme and manner of being written. The only similarity is the loneliness that the main character feels. I haven’t really thought of it not until I was left alone in the accounting office and felt so damn alone. Well hope you enjoy this series and the lesson that comes with it.

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