the call

I wanted to write so many things for today. I want to share the fun drinking session we had last night, the annoyance of BREAK issue in the office and the speech of Oprah in Stanford University which I discovered through a blog (which is another story itself). I was thinking of a fun way to get this all up in one entry mainly because this all happened in a single day. I was thinking of it last night then I fell asleep.

In the morning, my good sleep was disturbed by a phone call. When I looked at the caller ID it was a long distance telephone call. I settled myself up and answered the call.

Me: Hello! Good morning!
Caller: Good morning! This is A**a from T*/-^&%^&O! Can I talk to Mr. Adellon
Me: Hello! A**a, this is Adellon. How may I help you?
Caller: I was looking through our file, and I saw your resume. You did apply for us as an Audit staff right?
Me: Yes, and if I remember it correctly, I submitted my resume late last year. Around November I think.
Caller: Are you employed right now?
Me: Yes Ma'am.
Caller: Oh, I see. Thank you for your time Mr. Adellon.
Me: Thank you for the call A**a! Have a great day!

(something like that ang conversation!)

And that was it! I waited 2 months for that call and just when I had given up, it came. I see the point of connecting the dots now. If I had been hired in that company, I wouldn't be here. I now appreciate the bad luck I had when I was still looking for a job. Now, I know, I love my JOB.
If they called me and hired me before I was hired by this company:
I would
1. Still be working as an audit staff until now.
2. I would have been teaching accounting or any other business subject in a certain school.
3. Wala akong blog now.


Abaniko said...

Sabi nga ni Master Turtle sa Kungfu Panda, "there are no accidents." You really are destined to blog. Haha.

rashidsmom said...

so whats the deal with the BREAK issue sa office?! at ano na naman ang drama ng mga sangkatauhan jan ever?!
:) la lang... nanggugulo lang ako hehe

reyna elena said...

well, you would not want to work for them in the first place anyway. aba! eh kung inaabot sila nang one year to respond to your resume, how long are they going to respond with your salary increase request aber?

agree with abaniko. you were destined to meet me. hahaha! pano napunta dun? hehehe! charing lang!

aDz said...

abaniko: There are no accidents talaga! pero di pa ako nakakapanood ng KUNG FU Panda. Bz sa kabablog at sa office.heheheh

Maam sara: Over break daw kami palagi dito sa office at yosi ng yosi at kape ng kape. Akalain mo yun? Eh ang one hour lunch break nga namin 30 minutes lang ang nagagamit and ang break lang namin ay 5 mins yosi dahil sa dami ng reports na gusto nilang ipasa ng accounting office. Tapos damay-damay na lahat. At sino ba ang na-oover break? Ang janitor!!!! siya lang!!! pero kami lahat ang nakatangap ng memo... ****nagwawala at tinatapon ang mga gamit sa office****

Reyna: Reyna, hangad kong mamasdan ang kinang ng iyong Crown.heheheh Baka bigla akong sumunod sa iyo at gumawa ng eksena at mag exit interview bigla ang HR namin.hehehehe Actually, ibang topic to from the call pero baka nga tumaas nanaman ang unemployment rate ng pinas dahil sa akin. (see reply to maam sara for the reason) Yun lang po... Ingatz