Off to work

I saw the sign before the proposal was even brought up. I am officially going to Surigao. I was warned before hand that this day will come and that I will be the front runner of the act. I am now a certified accounting in charge/auditor/ finance officer/… (And I mean …) But I love my job. Honestly! I love it minus the MAX factor, it is perfect.

Next week, June 9 I am off to Surigao and Butuan. I adore Surigao for its sea foods and warm people. It is a beautiful place. I just hate the uncertainty which I will be facing when I get there. I am still hopeful that everything will turn out positively. Butuan is a new place for me but if I can iron out things in Surigao, Butuan will be easy. But please don’t send me to Marawi. I have never been there, though I’ve heard it is a nice place. But if you send me to Marawi, please send me there alone. Don’t let MARSHMALLOW man tag along. I can’t handle him. I can’t take his attitude. I might die of heart attack or hypertension. Send me anywhere in the world but minus HIM. We might end up killing each other or worst I might end up killing my self.

I am not ready for all this. I am excited but apprehensive at the same time. I really have to prepare myself. I really have to. I know I can pull this off. Cross fingers please.


reyna elena said...

I've never been to Surigao and would love to visit. Why? My 1st cuz has been threatening to disown me if I don't set foot in Surigao! hahaha!

Post some pictures of the places you visit for business! hehehe

aDz said...

reyna: na cancel ang trip ko... which is a good thing. Ayoko ma tambak ang regalong trabaho after the 1 week trip...hehehe Visit ka sa surigao masaya doon. Sarap maxado ang crabs, sugpo at lobster. Maganda doon...