Lonely boy: Series 3

How is the weather?----- its raining outside... a bad omen for a bad day

How are you?------- the start of the day is as crazy as hell!!! i know this will go on till evening, I just hope i'm wrong.

What do you expect today?----- a badminton game, overnight at samal, get drunk again, a very long uneventful morning.

What do you dread most today?----- no show of participants for the badminton game, we reserved 2 courts for event and no show means I have to pay for the other court. Postponement of Samal overnight, I want to get out of Davao for a while. Going home this evening if the samal overnight will not materialize.

other plans aside from what you mentioned above?----- watch movie ALONE, look for a place to crash in atleast until monday evening, walk around Davao City and do nothing more than annoy bystanders.

where would you want to be right now?----- in hell! i think it is better than here.!

message: Don't give me bad news today, I had enough fill to go over my tolerance limit. When you get caught in an age where responsibility and irresponsibility meet, you don't want to see things falling apart cause you know your to blame for all of it. I hate today as much as i love yesterday! I think my shock absorber and anti-depresant potion had given up on me. I'm tired, I'm angry, I'm confused, I'm sleepy, I'm broke. I don't like it here.... somebody please take me away.


Abaniko said...

Take heart. Tomorrow is another day.

aDz said...

thankz abaniko... just got home from SAMAL... natuloy din ang overnight namin... medyo humabol don ang gulo ng world but it ended up well... im ok now...

thankz for dropping by....