Free Call center training with JIB e-Academy

Call center industry in Davao is booming like mushrooms every where. Ma-ihian lang ng aso konti yun na, may susulpot na Call center. This is good for Dabawe├▒os and neighboring cities, meaning may maraming ma-eemploy sa na NoyPi. Minus unemployment rate na din yun.

As any industry would require you need to be well equipped to be on the top of the game. Nag-aral nga tayo nga English since elementary to college pero it does not assure us na mag qua-qualify na tayo for the call center job. Do you know BPO? Out-bound kaya? In-bound? See di nyo alam yun noh?!?

To cater to your training, JIB e-Academy comes in. It is the leading call center training and English language proficiency school in Davao with branches all-over the country. It offers scholarship for aspiring call center agents, equipped with facilities and affiliations to various call centers to help you land a job after your 5 week training.

For more info visit or call:
JIB e-Academy and Solution
2nd Floor Tumble tots Building, Mabini Street Davao City
telephone number 305-5522.


Abaniko said...

I hear there's a low supply of call center agents so call center companies would do anything to get the better set of potential applicants. This is definitely good for Davao.

aDz said...

The JIB e-academy sees the potential of Davao young people in the BPO field... It is a tied up project with the government through TESDA...

JIB is glad to be of service...

JedMeister said...

I'm a graduate of the jib-e training! :) hehehehe

aDz said...

Hi Jedmeister!

How are you na? From what wave ka ba? How was life after JIB e-Acad training?

You take care.... and thanks sa pag visit!

aDz said...

Nag-ask si anonymous:

"i thought free training sa jib e- academy...i've read one article that talks about free call center training...we have to pay pa pala before we can avail that training...so san ang free don??"

Ang sagot:
Have you called the school? alam ko taga Davao ka kasi your IP address shows it. But anyways ito lang nag masasabi ko... may scholarship grants available daw sa e-Academy ngayon but you have to go through some process... SCREENING ang tawag don. Pwede ka ring maging paying student but as much as possible mas gusto nila na scholars ang mag apply. You can ask aroud if you know somebody from JIB e-Academy.

call them at their office they would be very much willng to assist you to get free call center training.


for the process please read this:


Anonymous said...

Bakit sa cagayan de oro walang bayad kahit peso?? FREE training talaga ng TESDA.

phoponcenv said...

Bakit sa Cagayan De Oro City WALANG bayad kahit peso. FREE training call center talaga ng TESDA.

phoponcenv said...

hmm subject for approval ng blogger? e- ewan ko lang kong ipost yan commment ko fro FREE call center training...wheni read the process ng training may bayad din pala.

aDz said...

It is free... walang bayad talaga... new developments now na ZERO payment na talaga ang TRAINING...

But TESDA requires every scholar to go through the process called PROSPEAK exam. Yung exam na yun requires you to have TEST PINS... yun lang ang bibilhin which is around 250 pesos. Since TESDA doesn't have the supply you can buy it if you really want to push through with the training but as of now wala pa... You can really have a ZERO PAYMENT for your training but you still have to wait for the availability of test pins from TESDA.

I hope I make myself clear. Free ang training but the process to get the scholarship is still not available. You can either wait till the test pins comes (date uncertain) or you can pay for the test pins so you can avail of the scholarship as soon as possible.


aDz said...

phoponcev: I don't delete comments as long as it is not written in an ill mannered way. Depende kasi yan kung may bastos na tone and affected ang third party na wala namang kinalaman sa blog ko in anyway.

This entry was written last September at that time may miscellaneous fee pa for material like manuals, kits, ID and other stuff. Now, according to the new TESDA regulation, bawal na ang mag collect ng payment in any amount.

As long as kaya mong mag hintay till uncertain dates kung kelan dadating ang test pins ng pro-speak exam you can have the training for free, as in ZERO payments.

It is really your choice.

One more thing, you cannot compare CDO to Davao. You might have all the available TESDA Coupons there as well as the test pins. Iba sa Davao.