Greener Pasture

Two years and Five months ago, ngarag pa ako sa mga pwedeng mangyari sa buhay ko. Fresh graduate, hindi honor student and balasubas sa eskwela. Yan ako, medyo may kunting tupak at happy-go-lucky sa buhay. I always dream big but I never made an effort to work on it. Most of the time I take things forgranted kasi nga wala akong clear plans for my life.

Take for halimbawa ang mga sumusunod:

1. I was so centain to take up POLITICAL SCIENCE in college. After my High school graduation nag decide ako na mag- MASS Communication. I was again so certain to take up AB MASSCom when during enrollment for college parang gusto ko ng Accountancy mainly because SL (slow learner) ako sa math. I thought I would get over my fear of numbers if I get to deal with it everyday in my 4 year college life. Yun pala, Accountancy was more than math, It was analytical, procedural and very much complicated compared to MATH. Plus, minus and simple operations with calculator lang, ang mahirap is not with numbers but with the analysis part.

2. When I was having a hard time during my early days in my Accoutancy course gusto ko nanamang mag-shift to MassCom or Economics or Politcal Science ulit. Later nag-decide ako na if I fail my accounting subject doon na ako magdedecide what, where and how to deal with it.

3. Nag work sa isang auditing firm after 6 months nag-resign. Nagsilbi sa isang lending company after 2 months nag-resign ulit. Ngayon nag-wowork sa isang magandang company gusto nanamang mag resign. This is a world record na ha, 9 months na akong naka-lista sa payroll nila.

4. Nag-apply for Palau di tumuloy. Nag apply for Singapore di rin tumuloy. Nag-apply for Dubai di parin tumuloy. Lahat dahil sa takot na mahiwalay sa family and friends who had been my source of energy.

5. Now I am processing a new prospect. A better offer and I hope this time it will work out just fine. The previous search for a greener pasture had been OK but sa katanganhang palad ako na mismo ang umatras.

We always want a better life and an improvement from being a third class citizen in a third world country. I realized na we won't get to improve our standing if we just wait for luck to do its magick. Matanda na tayo para maniwala sa swerte at malas. We need to act on it and we should act now!

I'm not sure if I'd be able to go through with my plans but for now I wish I can make it. Next entry about this issue will follow hopefully before this month ends and I hope by this time good news and entry ko.


Abaniko said...

As they say, "been there, done that." But remember you don't have forever to dilly-dally. Try to really think of what you want and pursue that path with all passion. It's an unsolicited advice but I hope you'll take it well. I know you'll soon get there. Good luck!

aDz said...

Abaniko: Thankz for the advice... I think i need to discern more to get there... I really don't know what I want as of now... I know time is running out... I'm not getting any younger...heheh Thank you again...