100 hour Finishing Call Center Course for free

Okay, I know I am starting to be makulit in my entries but I can’t help myself when I see a good offer. I want to share it to the whole world and make them apart of the good things in life. Here’s the deal kasi, in my previous post I made mention some Free English and call center training in Davao. The good thing is, it is not only available in Davao. Meron din sa Libis, GENSAN and ILO-ILO.

I don’t know how they do it in Libis and GENSAN and ILO-ILO, you can inquire sa office nila on the HOW TO ng scholarship. All I can talk about is ang process ng Davao. Let me borrow the words of Ms. Ivy Foronda, the Academic Coordinator for JIB e-Academy Davao, “In a nut shell” I will explain the process.

There are three as in tatlong process to get into the call center training.

Una, First, Uno: Be endorsed by Six Eleven. You have to pass some interviews and exam to get this. Pero when you get to pass the assessment process--- Join ka na sa masayang call center training nila. They do this kasi pag endorsed ka ng isang call center you are legible to work for them so they need someone who is highly trainable and all.

Ika-duha, Second, Dos: Pass the pro-speak exam. Earn a grade of 55 to 69 points in the pro-speak exam to get the scholarship. Why 55 kasi meaning noon you have the basic knowledge sa English. Why may maximum of 69? Ang perfect score kasi ng exam is 80, if you get a score above 69, then sobrang galing mo na… You don’t need any training. Kung ano ang pro-speak exam and etc, attend ka ng orientation nila.

Ikatulo, third, tres: MAGBAYAD KA NA LANG! yes! If ayaw mo mag exam and mag go through sa process ng assessment, you pay! The training is 5 weeks everyday Monday to Friday and the usual fee is 7,000. At dahil mahal kayo ng JIB e-Academy they went down to 3,500 for the whole training.

Ang First and Second alternative is may payment na 300 for miscellaneous and all. If nakapasa na kayo non ha. Yun lang tapos start na ng class. Hindi ko alam if naintindihan nyo na ba ang sinabi ko. Basta Visit their office at 2nd Floor Tumble Tots Building, Mabini Araullo Street, D. C. May Orientation sila every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 9 to 12 in the morning. You can also call 305-5522 for inquiries.

Why am I doing this? Kasi I want a better world with lesser unemployment rate. Yun nay yun! Thank you…

And also visit sitesource101.com for additional learning on some on-line jobs and stuff.


Anonymous said...

bakit sa cagayan de oro city walang bayad kahit peso? FREE call center training talaga ng TESDA.

Training Center in Cebu said...

It is very important to train your English skills if you want to get a job in a call center industry, because call center industry is very competitive when it come to speaking English you just can't risk that if you failed when you apply as a call center agent you will need to reapply after 3 months or even 6 months you just can't afford that, that is why it is very important to train you English speaking skills before you apply.


Anonymous said...

..hello!! ..could you give me an idea of what is a pro-speak exam? ..thanks!!