In my previous post I asked, WHAT WOULD WE DO WITH SO MANY CROCODILES? It just got into me while looking at hundreds or maybe thousands of CROCs at crocodile park. Where the hell would they go if the Park could not accommodate them anymore? I'm quite sure they will not be released into the wild (I really don't know... but for sure it is not safe action).

I know this post will make some people in the blog sphere roll there eyes (Sir Teng and Maam Sara for sure... sorry po.) Its just that a friend of mine sent the images below right after reading my post and his reply to my question? "If we can't beat them, eat them" (yes... he was just joking).

Served at River walk Resturant just beside crocodile park.


Chilly Croc

CROC Steak

We had dinner at River walk and we knew they were serving CROC Dishes but we never dared to ask for any of their exotic food. We had our usual chicken bbq, pork steak, and FAMILY FRUIT FIESTA.

Fruit Fiesta
Dragon Fruit
with cream dip

Photo Credit: Croc dishes by ROCK MY WORLD

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