Free templates… Would I change mine too?

My first ever entry on this blog was some pictures of me and my friends taken during our paradise adventure. It had been a long time ago when I started with a very simple header and nothing but archives and a few list in my blogroll.

I did change my header and added a few fun things in my blog. But as they say, some things never change. I am still using the same old template which I had from the start. I am afraid I might not be able to handle the changes if ever I decide to change the template. It might look even worst compared to its present state.

Well, OK. I want to change my template now. I was enticed to do so because I saw some free templates at sitesource101.com. There are a lot of great templates available and the best part is, it is for free. I am now seriously thinking about changing my template. The only problem is, I don’t know if this will be applicable for my blog.

I will have to surf more and try to discover things. I hope this works out just fine so I can have a new look for my blog by next year.

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