Multiple Choices

I am so confused right now! As the Estados Unidos is going crazy over the economic crisis and the election in their country, which I think the outcome would greatly affect us. I am here at loss of what to talk about. It had been weeks since the last time I posted an entry. I am SORRY. I got busy with so many things. Let me talk about them briefly.

  1. We started promoting the FREE CALL CENTER training of JIB e-Academy.
  2. We started marketing the Scholarship for or Muslim brothers and Sisters who wants to take up vocational course in Welding.
  3. On-line marketing and promotion for Sitesource101.
  4. Accounting and paper works at the office.
  5. Party! Drink! Beer and Food!
  6. No internet connection for five days.

My life is now like one easy multiple choice question. You know the right answer but would rather pick the wrong one, knowing it is not right, understanding the logic but not going with it. Knowing that by choosing that wrong answer would give you unfavorable results but you would still go for it because you feel like it.

OO! Diko alam kung san ako nababagot at nalilito. Siguro bukas makalawa magigising ako na tama na ang mali at mali na ang tama.

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