What are we afraid of?

We went to Crocodile Park three weeks ago but we were not able to upload our photos because we got so busy with many things. It was a very short visit to Crocodile Park, the first and I think the only Crocodile wildlife conservation area in the Philippines. It was swamped up with so many crocs and to my estimate if they let loose all of them they can eat us all alive.

It was fun but scary at the same time. Thinking that at anytime they will grow as big as PANGIL and when that happens where would they put them? What would they feed them? Who will take care of them? or shall I say who will take care of US?

Honestly, The crocodiles didn't scare us.... Yups... Even at a very close angle, we were not scared to take snapshots of them.

This giant crocodile didn't scare us.

Even this Python

Even Carlo who shook hands with kokong

Even PANGIL was not a threat.This scared us the most. The Ostrich.

Look at there faces.
From left to right: Dodong, Yen, Kokong and Juvy

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