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Status Message...

Sa Facebook Account ko...

the last time I checked.... I am still alive... rejuvenated and will never ever drink any alcoholic beverages again.... :) (joke!)

Sa Yahoo Messenger at Brosix ko...

I'm walking away from the troubles in my life
I'm walking away to find a better day...

Sa Skype account ko...

Drink Your Milk now!

Galing kay Bob Ong...
"Ayokong nasasanay sa mga bagay na pwede namang wala sa buhay ko."


The Dolpin and Birmoda/Bermoda

So... okay.... I went to New Bataan again, this time with my office mates.

Kahit sa gitna ng ginaw at pagod, di ko parin maiwasang tingnan at kunan ng picture ang mga to.

Wag kasi pumatong sa DOLPIN... na tanggal na tuloy ang H. Nalipat na sa Silophin (see Ang Silophin, Panet, Pruitas)

Ai.... sorry wrong spelling...
atleast may variation ang spelling nila.

Saan kaya ang mas tama?hmmmmm


Thanks, Rants, and Raving

To my housemates in Jade valley: Good to be back. Gi mingaw ko sa Jade dah...

To Ivy: Di pa ka manganak?

To Kainoman last night: Nahurot akong money...

To my mama and papa: Patuloga nko ninyo sa balay.

To Juvy: Thanks for the puppy... Change natin yung name ha.

To kokong: unsa man jud diay imong ipapost dri sa blog

To Jollibee: Isang strike na lang ka... Good bye world nka.

To McColor: I know your type too well. Don't fool me... makulatahan lang tika...

To My High school batch mates: Reunion na ta!

To Big Head: Dako na kaau imong ulo.... di na magakos.

To Someone: Mingaw nko nimo....


Another from Tw7sted

"There is some comfort in finding that you're not the only one who's having a dreadful year. It means that you have not been singled out for some cosmic torment. You pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start again. Better yet: you and your friends pick each other up, dust each other off, and give each other a push"



If you are familiar with a kit that can be bought from a drug store with a cost ranging Php 50.oo to Php 127.50 (Mercury Drug Store), you know what the title of this post suggest.

Got any idea? here are some clues.

1. It will show one or two lines after 3 minutes waiting time.
2. It is nerve wrecking experience.
3. Life altering.

More updates coming soon....


Week end update

A short update here.

1. Me and my college friends went to RMPC Samal for week end getaway.
2. I'm still waiting for the pictures during Ma'am Joji's birthday celebration.
3. Setting up a series of entries. Coming soon.
4. Sleepy.


Happy Birthday Ma'am Joji

Last night we had a birthday party for the President of JIB group of companies, Ms. Joji Ilagan Bian. Majority of the employees and staff was present for the event held at Buffet Palace, Victoria Plaza compound. JIB College of Business and Tourism, JIB e-Academy and Solutions, Six Eleven Global Services and Solutions, Tumble Tots Philippines, JIB Welding Academy and PETC gathered together to celebrate, eat and have fun.

We made this cards as a birthday present for Ma'am Joji from , unfortunately the printed version came out a little different.

Coming soon... pictures of the event.



Nagpagupit ako.

Nasabi ko nag pagupit ako diba?
sa previous entry ko sabi ko maikli na ang buhok ko.
mukha na akong bonjing.

Pictures @ Home

I took some random snap shot last weekend. It was a gloomy Sunday in Davao and I just went home to check on my mom and dad when the urge to take pictures for the day took over.

I don't know if I have mentioned this before but we actually live beside the shoreline where most of my neighbors earn a living through fishing. Isla Verde as popularly known is an Island not known in the map of the Philippines, if so that would make out for the 7,108th island in our country. I honestly don't know if it is included in the map of the Philippines in a National level. It disappears during high tide and appears at low tide where the gravitational pull of the moon is lesser, but due to some improvements made for Isla Verde, we experience less high tide now compared to 5 years ago.

the view fronting Samal Island
the unfinished sea wall
and the bangka

papa and mama's garden

the blooming flowers @ the garden


Big Boy na ako!

Tumataba na ako. Ewan kung dahil sa depression or sa biglang change ng schedule ko. Promise, pag ako nag pakilo today... puputok ang scale.

I went to the barber shop last Sunday. After my super boring session with Mr. Barber, I went out feeling refreshed and hilarious. I never looked this way in years. The last time I cut my hair too short was 2 years ago. I feel okay but I still get those questioning look even after a week of having a new look.

Varied reactions.
"what was he thinking?" thoughts everywhere
You look fat in your new hair!

I will do a series of flashback entries in the coming days. I just have to upload the photos I've gathered for my new project. I'm super excited!

I have started attending a new class for commercial cookery. It's great actually plus the fact that the whole class is for free. No registration fee, no payment for the ingredients, nadda what so ever. Last time, the preparatory class was a computer class on MS Word and MS Powerpoint.

I am not just a big boy. I am a super fat boy now.


me and that faraway look

You promised me
You said I'd be the first to know...
You said we would celebrate together...
You never said it would never happen...
but you promised to make me a part of it...
I should have known better
promises are made to be broken
especially if it is a promise from you..

and now you're far away
so glad you left



Editing fever

Watching P. S. I Love You at star movies... addicted to photo editing features of picnik.com.

Need I say more?


pick-a-PIC: an Introduction to "I say"

Inspired by Mr. Joseph Paras, I edited my picture through picnik.com. This creative filled task led me to a new inspiration. This time with little creativity and more stupidity, I will be posting a weekly series of edited pictures with "I SAY..." on it.

It hopes to inspire...
I hope to make you happy...
I hope I can do this...


Personality Test

Mommy Dee tagged me into this personality test which I enjoyed immensely. Procrastinating and being busy "emo-ing" in the past few weeks, I finally got the push to publish the result.

For the my tag... I am tagging every one especially the people from my blog roll. :) (lazy me is kicking in again!)

Here are the rules:

1. Open this web site: Personality Test.

2. Take the Personality Quiz.

3.Copy and paste the result on your blog.

4.Tag as many friends as you can and link to the friend who tagged you.

My Result!

Thank You Mommy Dee! amping!

I Don't Know You Anymore

This is the first and the last time that I will write about this Sh*t. This entry is full of sh*t, it stinks like a septic tank but I am posting it anyway.

It all started 10 years ago. He was new to the whole private school scenario and he was alone. On the corner of the classroom he saw a girl who looked so familiar, lonely and alone as he was. She was familiar because they used to bump into each other in some events, they lived in the same world, they clicked from then on.

They started an unnamed relationship. It was unidentified and unmarked, nothing whatsoever. Together they dreamed of making it to the list of Forbes riches people, together they soared high, together they laughed at uncanny things normal people wouldn't laugh at, together they stayed. People often would ask them if they were an item, no they were not. Their bond is more than any one could imagine and if it were a landmark, it would have passed as the 7th wonder of the new world.

They had rough times along the way. And now they are still at it. This maybe the toughest test of the 10 year roller coaster ride. She may have forgotten but this is history repeating it self. 7 years ago they were at the same spot, the spot that made Tork and Martha resign from the group. They were young then, it looked cute, funny and forgettable, but not now, not after 7 years.

He is not talking to her anymore, “silence is the best revenge” he said.

She is not talking to him anymore. She maybe afraid of rejection or is just pissed off of him giving himself too much credit to interfere with her life. She said “I am old enough, I know what I am doing”

With that he left leaving no footprints behind. Nothing, not even a hint that they know each other. Maybe 10 years ago would have been better setting for this. They would shout at each other when they fight, misunderstandings were always made known to the populace, everybody would have a say and at the end of the day everything would be okay. But 10 years ago is long gone, we now have our pride as big as Mt. Fuji and I don't bend down when its not my fault. You may remain oblivious of what you did and how you disappoint me.

Lastly, let me remind you of the day I defended you when Clark and Jane asked you to choose between us and him whose name should not be mentioned. I told them not to do it because making a choice is always difficult (at least that choice). Maybe I did that because I don't want to hear you choosing him over us and I should have hinted that the day would come when making a choice is all you should do.

Don't worry.... when I see your name at the second spot of Forbes Magazine list of richest people in the world, I will smile, because by then I will be on the number one spot...bwahahahah


Night out with College Friends

Last Friday me and my college friends went out of our busy lives to enjoy a night together. With no clear agenda, no event to celebrate, no reason for getting together, a text was broadcasted and calls were made.

We had dinner at Pronto Mario. The food was great as usual plus we get to annoy other customers when we started playing word factory before and after eating.

(photos from Davao Food Trip)

I have visited Pronto Mario a dozen of times but I always forget to take a snapshot.
Mental note to do it the next time I visit.

After our dinner we went to Gmik for our usual videoke and drinking session. Though we had to squeeze in a small room and deal with the "not so efficient" AC unit, we, never-the-less had a blast.

Vince, Jenny, Allan, Shula

Adz, Madz and his GF Pamela

the gang
(Shula, Jenny, Cherry, Tlyn, Joe, Bert, Maya)


3 in 1 post

Heto na! Parang kape to na 3-in-1, di nga lang instant at di mainit kasi medyo late ang post na to. Sumakit ang batok ko sa dami ng gastos at dapat gawin for this week. Pero sa halip na mag trabaho na, heto ako at nagsusulat ng entry para sa blog ko. OO, masamang empleyado ako, yung tipong gagamitin ang computer ng office para gumawa at magsulat ng blog pero kumpara naman sa mga magnanakaw sa kaban ng bayan angel parin ako. By-the-way dami na nga palang renovation at reconstruction ng daan ngayon, siguro kasi malapit na ang eleksyon. Pakitang gilas nanaman ang mga politynaks.

So update lang to ng mga ginawa ko. Highlight lang kasi ang dami ko na kasing ginawa sa buhay ko in just one week.

1. Bumili ako ng bagong phone MyPhone T12 Duo ang binili ko. Di naman kasi ako masyadong mahilig sa phone eh. Tama na sa akin ang phone na nakakatext, nakakatawag, may camera ng kahit di kagandahan ay pwedeng ilipat sa PC para pang blog ang mga pictures. OO, mababaw akong tao. Pero promise pag nag labas ng cellphone na may CR bibili ako at ipamumudmud ko sa sambayanang pinoy para diko na mabasa uli ang signs na tulad ng “Bawal umihi dito! Hindi ka Aso” or “Maliit ang titi ng mga taong di alam kung saan dapat umihi”

2. Nag punta kami sa Tagum kahapon. Kalapit na city lang ang Tagum ng Davao, 1 hour ride lang. Binisita nami ang mga relatives namin dun. Nagbayad utang din ako sa ina-anak ko na anak din ng pinsan ko. Di kasi ako naka attend ng birthday party niya. Alam nyo naman ako. Busy. Sakto naman na hasvest season pala ng mga gulay kahapon. Yung tipong ilalagay ka sa gitna ng halamanan at ikaw na lang ang magharvest tapos bayaran mo lang ang na harvest mo. Sobrang excited ako kasi virgin pa ako sa paghaharvest ng gulay. May kamatis, talong, ampalaya, upo, patola, okra, radish, cucumber, at kung ano-ano pang gulay na sa kantang bahay kubo mo lang maririnig. Naka arrange ang farm aphabetically ayong sa pangalan ng gulay (joke!). Ang dami kong nabili. Sobrang excited kasi ako umabot ng isang sako ang nabili kong gulay. Narealize ko na sobrang bigat na ngdadalhin ko pauwi ng Davao at ako lang mag isa ang mag-aala Hercules. Wrong move.

Ang pinaka enjoy na part sa tanang experience na ito ay ang paghaharvest ng kamatis, bayaran at tawaran. Sa kamatisan kasi, nag patulong na ako kasi sobrang kati na ng balat ko from the previous harvest. Sobrang bilis nilang mag harvest, 5 is to ½ ang ratio. Limang kamatis palang napipitas ko ½ kilo na sila. Sa tawaran naman kahit tig sampung piso lang ang kilo ng gulay puwede ka pang ask ng libreng additional gulay.

Sa dulo ng harvesting season namin, nakabili ako ng halos isang sakong gulay sa halagang 240 pesos only. May libreng half kilo pa yun ng upo, cucumber at isang kalabasa na malaki. Hindi ko pa na mention ang mga sobrang tig iisang guhit na kilo ng gulay (ngayon ay na mention ko na) for free. Sayang lang at di ko na kompleto ang gulay sa bahay kubo.

Ang mga kamatis na hilaw.
Dahil gusto ni Juvy ng hilaw na kamatis para crunchy daw.

Sila.... habang nagpapaligsahan ng may pinakamaraming mapitas na kamatis

Cucumber.... infant stage pa alng yan.

Upo.... opo.... upo...

Bulaklak... ewan

3. Ang tagal bago kami naka sakay ng bus pauwi sa Davao. Yung tipong pwede ka pang magliwaliw sa Italya bago dumating ang bus na dadaan sa boulevard.

Sa bus, katabi ko ang isang lalaki na parang nagcoconcert sa lakas nang boses. Ang lakas din nang music niya, di tuloy ako mapakag concentrate sa binabasa kong Bob Ong book. Sa wakas at napagod siya sa kakakanta ng wala sa tuno. Nakatulog sa performance, subalit ilang sandali lang ang lumipas nag hilik nanaman ang mokong. Sh*t! Ang lakas humilik di na nahiya. Bukas-baba pa kong matulog ang gago.

Heto siya.

[sorry... panakaw lang kasi ang kuha ng picture na to..]