"When you're 15, the smallest, most stupid things are matters of life and death, and you honestly believe that no one in the history of universe has ever known what you are going through. There's a constant turbulence inside you, emotions you do not understand and do not even want. Everybody tells you you're not a child anymore, but no one grants you the rights of an adult."


The Cider House Rules

Wally: The thing about being in love is that you can't force anyone. It's natural to want someone you love to do what you want, or what you think would be good for them, but you have to let everything happen to them. You can't interfere with people you love any more than you're supposed to interfere with people you don't even know. And that's hard, because you often like interfering--- you want to be the one who makes the plans.

Angel: It's hard to protect someone else, and not be able to.

Wally: You can't protect people, all you can do is love them.

The Cider House Rules
John Irving


Looking for the Perfect Pair of Shoes

I adore shoes but I always find it hard to find a shoe that fits me well. You see, I have a very big feet that my sister even calls me BIG FOOT for obvious reason. Sadly, local stores here in Davao don't cater to big foot market. I, more often that not would find a shoe I like and end up not buying it mainly because it is too small for me.

Looking for a shoe that perfectly fits your idea of a good shoe is an arduous task but a fun activity. It helps to know that there are on-line shoe stores that give you tips on how to buy shoes and helps you see through their product minus the walking, falling in-line, pushing, all just to have that perfect pair of shoe you always wanted.

I check the Internet to browse for shoes that I need. Design and functionality are the two factors I consider when buying a shoe. For my office and dress shoe, I always go for the elegant leather black shoes. For my everyday activities, I like wearing comfortable sandals and flip-flops. I also like browsing for sporting shoes for my jogging and badminton activities. I might buy more casual shoes, I think I need some to go with my usual sandals and flips.

Buying shoes is more of an investment for me than a luxury activity. You invest in the way you dress up and to protect you feet. We only have one chance to walk with our feet, why not walk this world with fashion and style.


Soul Searching Mode

Here are some pictures of my trip to a place I love visiting. I don't want to talk about why, how and when these all happened except that it was a very special trip.

Soul searching ang gimik ko when I decided to get out of Davao for a while. Medyo ngarag sa dami ng ginagawa sa buhay kaya na isipan kong umalis muna pang samantala at mamalagi sa lugar kung saan pwede akong maging ako na walang inisip na kahit ano. Timing din kasi medyo patapos na ang taon noon. Leaving all the problems, work and worries behind... lumarga ako sa favorite place ko where I "seek refuge" kung medyo mali-mali ang mundong ginagalawan ko.

Tulog, kain, ligo sa pool, picture-picture yan lang actually ang ginawa ko doon. Masaya, nakakagaan ng problema.

Heto ang mga kasama ko: Cherry, Bhong, Tlyn, Ping-ping and Me

Heto ang pinaka gusto ko dito... ang nature, falls, malamig na panahon, ice water filled na swimming pool at mababait na tao.

Bhong (our host), Cherry and Me

Naka contact lens ako ng three toned something dyan. Trip lang kasi gabi naman nito.

Akala ko walang makakapansin sa contact lens ko or kung meron man walang pupuna. Pero ang mga bata tingin ng tingin sa akin hangang sa nag ask na sila kung tunay ba daw ang mata ko. Mukha daw akong anime. May I explain in simplier terms kung ano ang suot ko. The more the answers, multiplied twice ang questions. hangang sa napagod na ako at pumikit na lang.

Sa picture na to nasa birthday party kami. Invited ang Mommy ni Bhong sa party and the celebrant invited us along. Hindi nag luto sa bahay ng host namin kasi may party daw.heheheh Nahiya pa daw kami sa start pero noong eating time na ayon... nawala ang HIYA parang naka inom ng isang case na red horse... It was fun sobrang busog ako. Tama lang because di ako ng lunch. Salamat nga pala sa nag invite sa amin at sa super bait ang accomodating na host namin ang Redulla Family.

Sa may falls sa baba ng mga swimming pool
Bhong, Cherry, Tlyn and Me

Shel, Tlyn, Cherry and Me
sobrang lamig ng tubig sa pool
flowing water ang tubig ng pool from the natural falls
sarap magbabad sa pool
sana nga lang may pool din sila na medyo mainit para pantay lang


Tlyn and Ping-ping


May mga bagay na diko pwedeng isulat kasi marami ang masasaktan at magagalit. Gusto ko mang maging sobrang totoo sa blog na ito, hindi lang ako ang nakataya. May madadamay at masasagasaan. Ayoko nang ganon. Pwede akong magsalita ng masasamang bagay about me but I will try not to talk about other people. Pwede kung hindi nila tunay na name ang gamit (heheheh). Ang entry na ito ay isa sa mga entry na yun. Maraming di naka paloob na kwento dito. Lahat masasaya. Ako? masaya ako pero alam ko may magagalit at malulungkot kung isusulat ko ang mga bagay na yun.

Hayaan nyo munang hanapin ko ang kaluluwa ko. Please... Salamat...


2009 na!

It is now officially 2009.

2008 is over and so is my crazy lifestyle.

Well, I still don’t have a new year’s resolution as of now but I intend to make a list… maybe tomorrow when 2009 sinks in.

Happy New Year Everyone!