Looking for the Perfect Pair of Shoes

I adore shoes but I always find it hard to find a shoe that fits me well. You see, I have a very big feet that my sister even calls me BIG FOOT for obvious reason. Sadly, local stores here in Davao don't cater to big foot market. I, more often that not would find a shoe I like and end up not buying it mainly because it is too small for me.

Looking for a shoe that perfectly fits your idea of a good shoe is an arduous task but a fun activity. It helps to know that there are on-line shoe stores that give you tips on how to buy shoes and helps you see through their product minus the walking, falling in-line, pushing, all just to have that perfect pair of shoe you always wanted.

I check the Internet to browse for shoes that I need. Design and functionality are the two factors I consider when buying a shoe. For my office and dress shoe, I always go for the elegant leather black shoes. For my everyday activities, I like wearing comfortable sandals and flip-flops. I also like browsing for sporting shoes for my jogging and badminton activities. I might buy more casual shoes, I think I need some to go with my usual sandals and flips.

Buying shoes is more of an investment for me than a luxury activity. You invest in the way you dress up and to protect you feet. We only have one chance to walk with our feet, why not walk this world with fashion and style.

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