Disappointments and More

I was supposed to write about something else, a positive entry for that matter talking about an award for HONEST SCRAP which was given by a blogger-lawyer-mom Dee. But instead I thought about the recent happenings in the first month of 2009 and ended up typing “Disappointments and More” as a title for this entry. Let me just continue so be prepared for some negative vibes.

1. Had a very busy holiday, not a very fun way to end 2008. I got stuck with office works and saw myself doing paper works during the holidays. I was able to get away for awhile but ended up in front of the computer after the two day vacation. This is a very old, disappointing story and this is just the beginning.

2. I haven’t seen my college friends in the longest time and when a batchmate organized a small get together party I hopped into it immediately. I wish I had not gone because while the party was just starting to pick up I was apprehended by a police officer for violation of R.A.(something). Great party right?

3. We were supposed to go to Boracay-Iloilo-Cebu for a well deserved vacation. It started out as a silly plan but we were able to get tickets Davao-Manila, Manila-Caticlan, Cebu-Davao, all three flights for only Php 2,300. Great deal! I was hesitant at first but by the middle of January I was convinced that vacation is a good thing for me. I started buying things for the event, informed friends about the vacation, filed a leave at the office, and worked my ass out to save money. I even went to a diet just to be in shape for the event.15 days before the big event they canceled it. *I need some enlightenment here*

4. A good friend is sick and I’m worried.

5. I haven’t been sleeping enough.

6. I miss my friends. *You know who you are*

7. I was asked to give an opinion, I voiced my thoughts and I’m receiving cold treatment from a friend due to my honest remarks. I know I offended him though I gave my feedback on a joking manner, but hey if you can’t take honesty---then don’t ask me. Let me remind you of the cliché “reality bites”, it applies.

8. I did something very wrong; I’m guilty and very disappointed right now.

Note to ADZ:

1. Work hard. If you’re working hard now then work harder. Be happy you have two jobs, it means you are ?earning twice as much?(which I doubt).

2. You deserve a break from all this crap. So promise yourself a beach day and a movie out alone.

3. Visit your sick friend soon.

4. File a two day leave and sleep.

5. Treat your friends just to be with them and you have to revive the regular badminton game (not entirely under your control).

6. Shut up once in a while. Keep your thoughts to yourself.

7. Do something good. Compensate for your bad deed.

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