Flying Free

Ever experieced flying? Not the airplne type of flying... I mean flying over a hundred/thousand feet above land and sea with only cords and steel hook support to hold you in a parachutte... I had and will do it again... :)

Para-sailing baby I love it!

This is our view and were attached to that boat there. Can you see it?

Can you see the cord that connects us to the speed boat?

Happy me... :)

Up, up and away!


Dee said...

Parang ang sarap niyan! Parang lots of fun! Ganda no. Exhilarating. I want to try that. Hindi ba siya nakakahilo kasi I'm prone to sea-sickness e. Yun bang tawag sa Cebuano na "dagaton". I miss beaches, tuloy.

Ayo-ayo :D

aDz said...

Ok lang.... enjoy talaga... mas nakakahilo pa ang plane ride... Yups... dagaton na sa bisaya mommy... :)

sa boracay namin to ginawa... wla pa kasi nito sa davao eh... :)