Talk to My Hand

When I get bored, the immature and childish me comes to the surface. This day is a good example of how stupid I get when I have nothing to do. Here’s the story.

I usually keep a glass of water beside me when I work. Since I was cleaning my work station getting ready to head home, I went to the training department to return the glass that I used for the day. While I was in the training department, I saw the service printer that was issued to us by LimeInk. It is a company here in Davao the gives you a printer and supplies you with unlimited ink for a very affordable price. Then it came, the childish and immature part of me took over.

Suddenly I found myself photocopying my hands. For no apparent reason I was laughing during the whole process. I was alone and you could just imagine how stupid I looked. After a short while an office mate came in, a Big-Huge-Giant like office mate at that and asked me what I was doing. I didn’t answer him but the evidence was there, I could not deny the crime.

Here are the scanned copy of my photocopied hand.


Both hands

Front View

The Palm


7thstranger said...

hahaha. ang trip nga naman adz! i did this too before... long ago... :)

Dee said...

Hahaha. Nakakatuwa naman. I like to be childish too. Boring din naman iyong puro serious stuff na lang.:)

Ron Centeno said...

:-) There's always that child inside us. Sometimes it feels good to do things out of the norm. Hahahaha!

aDz said...

7thstranger: trip nga talaga to...hehehe I really hope na magawa ko to with other parts of my body...hahahah joke :)

Mommy Dee: Na bore lang talaga ako kaya ko to nagawa... :)

Ron: There is always a child in us... pero ako parang always a child... wish nga ng nanay ko mag mature na ako... thanks for visiting :)