Random Snap shots: Cebu

Visiting the Queen City of the south for the first time was fun. We stayed at Tuxedo Business Suites while some of our friends stayed at Golden Way Hotel because Tuxedo Hotel was fully booked. I had some snap shots here and there to document our Cebu escapade.

I was impressed with how Cebu has evolved to be a highly urbanized metropolitan from being a conservative city. You can still see the relics of their rich culture through their old structured buildings.

Good Morning Cebu!

Heritage Park

Kalayaan Monument would be Davao's equivalent to this structure. Although Heritage Monument is bigger compared to our own Kalayaan Monument.

Magellan's Cross

A trip to Cebu would never be complete without a photo opportunity at Magellan's Cross. This is part of Cebu's history and of the whole Philippines as well.

Magellan's Cross (April 21, 1521)

Sto. Niño Church

We attended the 5:30 PM Mass at Sto. Niño Basilica and was impressed with the crowd gathered together to hear the mass. Considering it was the 8th Mass that day,the crowd was still huge. I was wondering if they ever had a bomb threat there, way to risky scene for a bomb explosion. But God is good to all His devotees. God blankets his soldiers with safety and love.

old churches gives me a distinct feeling of serenity.

Fort San Pedro

We only stayed here for a while. It was burning hot with the sun glaring at us.

Lapu-lapu Shrine

There was nothing fancy about Lapu-lapu Shrine. The History was great but nothing much.

"ANG-ANG" somebody shouted behind us, then we laughed, a reminder that we are indeed strolling around Cebu.

We had to make a scene at Lapu-lapu Shrine, Here's our version of Lovers in Paris poster.



Stinky and fun market place for Cebu's popular Dangit and other forms of dried fish. Here you can find great pasalubong food ideas. Shopping time! Just make sure to bring an extra t-shirt along.

I got stinky, I got dirty but see I've learned!


A place of prayer and relaxation. One great get away from the fast faced city life of Cebu.


Dee said...

This is nice! Really interesting. I've never been to Cebu. I hope I can go there next time.:D

Sandy said...

adz its golden valley hotel...hehehe nice ang bgo nimo gi post naana pd ko bgong blog http://sanz08.wordpress.com

aDz said...

@Dee: Thank You! It's a fun place really.... full of historic sites.

Thank you for dropping by again... :)

@Sandy: Ana imong uyab kay Golden Way Hotel daw...heheheh

Cge e edit lang nko...heheheh

cHayex said...

ikaw na ged idol!.

aDz said...

@ Chai: Ako na ged chai... ang frustrated photographer nimo na friendship...hehehe

i am said...

waahh. ang sarap ng itsurea ng mga danggit!! kainezzzz

Reesie said...

hay buhay, na miss noon nako ang cebu with these pictures of yours.. hmpt..pero imperness,ang gaganda ng kuha..parang kuha ng isang pro..