A gallon of milk for Fathers

Di ako magaling mag sulat ng movie review pero susubukan ko parin.

Me and my friends went out for a movie last saturday. I was eyeing on DRAG ME TO HELL pero they insisted on TAKING OF PELHAM 123. Minsan kasi we have this thing for bad movie choices na hindi nakakatuwa. This time around I would say, I enjoyed the movie. Armed with isang sack of chips and chichirya, one bottle of C2 iced tea red apple, off we went to watch PELHAM 123.

Heto ang story. May isang Walter Garber (Denzel Washinton), he mans the subway traffic system. Yung tipong siya ang traffic management control head ng mga train para di sila mag collide. He makes sure that the subway is running smoothly with out any problem. Sure di tayo maka relate, why? First walang subway sa Davao, second kung meron man I doubt if may system same with what I saw sa movie. Okay, so the story started just like any other ordinary day sa life ng isang Walter Garber. Tapos parang isang typical na pinoy movie, may mga adik looking guys na ipapakita sa film. You would know na something terrible is going to happen just by looking at them. After a few minutes in the film, yun na, hijacking na ng subway train at ang leader ng kaguluhang ito ay si Ryder played by John Travolta. May 19 passengers sila, ransom was 10,000,000 USD in cash to be given with in an hour if not one hostage will be killed every minute na mag lapse. Ayaw nila in any other form, dapat cash. Apat silang hostage taker silang lahat namatay at the end of the movie. Ganon lang kadali ang story ng movie but the way the actors portrayed it and the drama before the end of the story was something.

Gaber by the way is under investigation for accepting bribe from Japanese contractors. During the movie, he admitted guilty of the crime to save the buhay of isang hostage. He admitted he took the bribe and used it to pay the tuition of his kids. May isang part where he was asked to bring the ransom money to Ryder at the subway station. When he informed his wife about this ,his wifey got worried and started a drama scene na super cheesy. At that point his wife asked him to bring a gallon of milk on his way home, she asked him to make a promise to bring the milk and he did. Its not really about the gallon of milk, it was the promise to come home safe.

Sa aking palagay, maganda ang movie, nagustohan ko ang movie and was not sad na hindi ko napanuod ang drag me to hell.


Belated happy Father's Day nga pala sa lahat ng mga daddy, tatay, tatay-nanay, lolo at sa lahat ng mga ama. Yung tipong okay lang magpakahirap para mabigyan ng magandang kinabukasan ng mga anak nila. Yung mga tatay na handang gawin ang lahat para sa pamilya nila. Yung tulad ng tatay ko.


Dee said...

Ay ok to. I haven't seen this yet. Tamang-tama kasi I want to see an action movie. Sige, I will definitely try this. Parang maganda ang plot.

I like the way you greeted your father. Unique and touching. :)

aDz said...

Mommy Dee...hehehe nagustohan ako ang movie... hope you like it too....

thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

Certainly, it is not right